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Presentation program “«Mazl Tov» — early childhood development centre”

You can download the presentation (11 Mb).

Jewish Odessa tour

When Odessa was founded it became the first city of the Russian Empire, where Jews were allowed to settle. By the time of the WW II Odessa Jewish community became the third largest in the world, after New York and Warsaw, having reached almost 47% of the city population.

It is hard to overestimate the contribution of Odessa Jews to the world Jewish history. Walking through the streets of any Israeli city you will find that many of them are named after famous Zionists, Jewish writers, historians or political activists, who come from Odessa.

"Jewish Odessa" tour will introduce you the Jewish community of Odessa before the Revolution of 1917, during the WW II, the life of Jews during the Soviet Union period and the Jewish life in Odessa today.

October - December 2006

Migdal JCC, Mazel Tov and Beitenu Centers


July-September 2006

Migdal JCC, Mazel Tov and Beitenu Centers


City guide of Jewish Odessa is already available

«Migdal»`s publishing center presents to your attention new unique edition — «City guide of Jewish Odessa».
This book is absolutely unique.


Welcome to Odessa tours

If you wish to visit Odessa, and the help or the information is necessary, you may ask us.

We can offer:

- a transfer from the airport or from the station;

- searching and booking apartments according to your preferences and opportunities;

- meal (Kosher meal is available)

The developed program of information round which includes:

" excursion tours around the city : "Odessa - its history and culture" and " The Jewish Odessa"

" visiting of a museum of History of Jews of Odessa;

" the welcome performance in a folklore style followed with a concert of music and dancing ensembles (for groups not less than 10 person)

" a concert of professional Jewish musical theatre " Migdal-Or "

" Klezmorim concert

" shopping of Jewish souvenir production

" visiting of museums and theatres of Odessa

" visiting of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress and the Jewish community of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

" a trip around Tzadikkim (righteous Jews) memorial places and tombs

The developed program of creative round which includes:

" Visiting of JCC "Migdal"

" acquaintance with its different programs

" visiting of the center of early development for expecting mothers and families with children from a birth till 6 years

" interactive training of a tourist group

" organization the Jewish music and dancing master-classes

" organization of seminars on the various activity of the Jewish community

" development of program under the individual order

Our e-mail:,

Tourist excitement in "Migdal"

As we already said tourist season in “Migdal” goes on a high speed. People come from all parts of the world. Guests from America and Israel are common for us but people from France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and other countries are something new. Not only every day is scheduled for groups but hours as well and not only in “Migdal” but in its branches also. Foreigners with great pleasure visit “Mazl Tov”, “Beitenu”, Museum of History of Odessa Jews and of course “Migdal”. And guests from France previously ordered the concert of professional Jewish musical theatre “Migdal-Or” and were delighted with this performance.
We don't know how the information about “Migdal” spread in the world but this amount of interesting guests really rejoices us.

Antisemitism in Odessa

All Jewish community of Odessa is now in a deep shock.

On the February, 18th someone desecrated more than 500 graves on the Jewish cemetery, memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Odessa and memorial plaque to Leon Pinsker. Red swastikas and the inscription “Congratulations with the Holocaust” was done all over these places.

The memorial plaque to famous doctor Leon Pinsker is situated right in the center part of the city. Only on February, 20th activists of the community center “Migdal” decided to clean all the dirty writing from it. Before that no one worried about it, even people from the synagogue that is one block from it. As we heard from the neighbors that have seen it all done, they called to police but it didn.t arrive.

All this information seems willed. It doesn`t feet in anything known before.

Thanks to the neighbors who helped while we were cleaning up the memorial plaque.
Good people didn't vanish yet.

Источник: Photos


There were unusually crowded on November 18, at 9 a.m. in the morning in the synagogue Habad-Shomrei Shabos.
Girls in nice gowns, boys wearing tefillins, tables filled with food...

Idea of this holiday appeared this summer, when guests from New-York Dina and Jonathan Leader visited “Migdal”. At this period Migdal was holding the day camp for children of different age. Jonathan had a chat with one of boys and asked whether or not he had Bar Mitzvah. Later on while talking with administration of “Migdal” and Rabbi Avroom Volf Leaders said, that they would like to give a charity donation so that children can have Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

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Children "Funny stories" - On line!

Majority of our city are introduced already, Children "Funny stories" can be seen on Odessa National Television Health channel.

But it is unfair to deprive rest of our auditorium ability to watch it.

As an afford to correct situation, we offer our visitors, despite their location, to watch and appreciate staring and humor little (and big) movie Stars!

Welcome Children "Funny stories":

Children «Funny stories» are a joint project Theater-studio in Center «Migdal» (leader of project: Inna Naydis) and Odessa National Television Health channel (leader of project: Tamara Kaganovich)

«Migdal» won`t freeze.

With G-d`s help, this winter in Migdal it will become warmer than the last one.

Due to the help of family from New York — Jonathan and Dina Lider, the heating system in our building on Malaya Arnautskaya str. will be restored, and we hope all of us will be warm and comfortable in Migdal! Here what miracles might happen these ten days between Rosh-ha-Shana and Yom Kippur.

Someone does good deed in far New York, and its result is felt in Odessa!
Do good things and get to know that it will make someone.s life warmer!

To all of you who loves Migdal!

Winter comes nearer. And along with winter season low temperature is approaching. Currently the heating system of Migdal's building has failed and doesn't operate. So that all of us could visit our favorite place Migdal in winter we need to buy and replace a new boiler. As a result of this 25000 grivnas are needed.
We need your help badly!
We are thankful for any possible charitable donation.
Here are our account details for those who can really help us:

Odessa, Ukraine
Correspondent BANK OF AMERICA N.A.
Bank New York, USA
Correspondent 6550375810
Account number: 26009325658

Name of the account holder: “Migdal” international center of Jewish community programs


Beneficiary: “Migdal” International center of Jewish community programs.
Malaya Arnautskaya str., 46-a, Odessa, Ukraine, 65012
tel. (0482)37-21-28, tel./fax 34-39-68

Account: 26009325658
Odessa, Ukraine
Correspondent Bank: THE BANK OF NEW YORK
New York, USA
Correspondent account: 890-0319-313
Details of payment: Donation

Presentation of the book “History of the Holocaust in Odessa and Odessa region”

Very cognitive and informing book “History of the Holocaust in Odessa and Odessa region. Collection of articles and documents” was published in Odessa with the support of Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, Rabbi Israel Miller Fund for Shoah Research, Documentation and Education, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

This book is the first result of researching work that was done in the International Jewish community center “Migdal” and the first attempt to present all the events in Odessa during Holocaust for the wide public.

History of the Holocaust in Odessa Region. Collection of articles and documents / Jewish community center “Migdal”; done by M. Rashkovetskiy,- Odessa: “Negociant”, 2006.- 372p.+136p. illustration, 22 tables.

May 30, 2006 Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

“Shlomi's Stars” an Israeli melodrama produced by Shemi Zarhi opened the Israeli Film Festival playing at the Maski Theater. Zarhi's moving picture about a young boy's life, hidden talent, complicated yet normal family, and sincere love left many in tears. Wows and Ohhs were heard through out the screening and many stayed on to enjoy the rest of the program: Love Columbian Style (producer Shai Kanot). Having already received fourteen film awards, “Shlomi's Stars” is worthy of endless praises which were voiced by yesterday's Odessa audience. If you missed the opening, don't worry you can still catch the second day of the festival on May 31 — Right Turn at the End of the Light (producer Avi Nesher).

May 29, 2006 Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

“Shalom”, said Lev Koretz, the director of the Israeli Cultural Center, in welcoming hundreds of guests at the Pago club in Arcadia, in celebrating a night dedicated to Israel. His welcoming speech, delivered in Hebrew and translated to Russian, set the theme for the rest of the evening. Pictures of Israel flashed in the background of the open air stadium as Yulia Makarenko and Alex took their audience on a journey through Israel's primary cities and sites. Hebrew music entwined with local Odessa tunes were heard tough out the evening. Dance performances by various youth ensembles and Migdal entertained the crowds, while live music performances and the unforgettable solo act of the saxophone player left everyone screaming for more. Members of all circles of Odessa.s Jewish community danced the night away in celebration of Israel's culture and history. Even the light drizzle of Odessa's midnight skies did not stop the evening from being a success.

Program Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival will take place May 28 — June 12 in Odessa, Ukraine.


“Jewish Odessa” tours

Jewish community center “Migdal” presents marvelous tours “Jewish Odessa” that include visiting Jewish museum “Migdal-Shorashim”, memorial plaques of famous Odessa Jews and many others. You get a chance to see modern Odessa Jewish community life in all it.s diversity.

Tours are delivered on both Russian and English.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our wonderful city!

Tel. (0482) 37-21-28, (048) 777-07-18
Tel./fax (0482) 34-39-68

Festival is coming! Welcome to the Festival!

The Migdal International center of Jewish community programs with the support of Hanadiv Charitable Foundation (UK), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Ink (USA) has the honor to invite all those who concerned for the cooperation for conducting the Jewish Community Festival "The Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora"

The Festival is holding on 4 - 13 June, 2006 in cooperation with the Israel Culture Center in Odessa at the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine (Kiev), The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine (Kiev); with the assistance of Bavarian House in Odessa (Germany), Greek Culture Foundation and French Culture Center.

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February 2006

Presentation of “Migdal Times” Digest and Opening of the Exhibition of Children.s Works

Two, not less important events — presentation of digest of “Migdal Times” magazine and the opening of the exhibition of children.s works of “Migdal.s” School of Jewish Art — took place in the framework of the celebration of the 14th anniversary of Migdal JCC. The catalog of the exhibition which served as part of OFEK (published owing to donations of Podolskys family - Migdal.s participants) was also presented. The events took place in the exhibition hall of children.s rehabilitation center “House with Angel” on February 2, 2006 and gathered local historians, art professionals and community members.


February 2006

Fourteenth Anniversary of Migdal Jewish Community Center

Migdal International Jewish Community Center of Odessa celebrated the 14th anniversary of its work on February 5, 2006. The entire week before such an important event in the life of Migdal and its activists, as well as staff and participants of Mazel Tov and Beitenu centers, Shorashim Museum of Odessa Jews — was very intensive and full of rehearsals and preparations. When, finally, the celebrants and guests gathered in the specially rented facility of Palladium convention center for the event, the hall was full and there was not a single empty seat. All together, about 750 invitees gathered for this holiday. Before entering Palladium hall, most of them could see a big banner outside, visible for all the Odessans, with congratulations of Migdal with the anniversary.


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