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Mazl Tov - Early childhood development centre

We are accustomed to think we know everything about our children, but we do lack knowledge about their real abilities.


According to modern research, the development of these abilities depends on their stimulation and development of child’s brains at the most critical time – from birth till 3 years of age. Further abilities, such as thinking, needs, creativity, feelings, are developed later and on the basis of what has been already formed.

The aim of the early development is to provide the child with such education, which would contribute to his acute brain and good physical being, make him smart and nice, prevent the child from being unhappy and underprivileged.

Giving a way to the child’s unlimited inclinations and capabilities is an asset to his life being a success.


Little children are naturally able to learn anything. The things so hard to be grasped by grown-ups are understood by children easily. Where grown-ups pick up the things with the speed of a snail, there children may perform instantly.

Grown-ups are sometimes lazy to study, children are always eager to do that.

Give tasks to the kid, use his potential to the fullest extent, and the nature itself will regulate what the child can or cannot take.


Children need:
1. To be loved (what we do)
2. To be respected (what we seldom do)
3. To receive everything what we’d like them to teach
4. Discipline, which gives them the feeling of safety.

The main goals of Jewish upbringing are determined in the blessing of a new-born: le-Torah, lehuppa, lemaasim tovim – “for the Torah, for huppa, for good deeds”. Teaching children from an early age to put a coin into a tzdaka-box (box for donations), to touch mezuzah (symbol of the Jewish home – cozy and hospitable), telling Jewish parables – this way we explain to them what is good and what is evil. For the little child who has touched the Jewish tradition, wearing a kippa on his head, building sukka on Sukkot, lighting Chanukah candles and playing dreidles, wearing Purim masks and asking four Pesach questions with matzo – all these things are natural rather than a show.

New-borns and children up to 2 years old


Classes are held 3 times a week. Children study together with parents. The goal of the classes is to teach parents early developmental skills.

Within the first two years of life the child makes such a progress in the personal development, which will never happen during his entire life again.
The uniqueness of these years is explained by the fundamental skills the child acquires: walking, speech, activities. The ways grown-ups take care of the child and communicate with him have a great importance. At this age the main source of the personal socialization of the child is following behavioral models.


The program includes such subjects as:
Music, Painting, Gymnastics, Development of movement, speech and sensor skills.
Jewish Tradition, English, Hebrew.

Children from 2 to 5 years old

Classes are held 3 times a week.

During this time the child acquires many of those features that will predetermine his personal and intellectual development. At this age it is vital to increase both active and passive vocabulary of the child. Speech development is closely connected with level of thinking and memory. Game is the main type of activity at this age. Children improve their perception, memory, mode of thinking, and motion abilities while playing with objects and meccanos. In role playing children copy the actions of the grown-ups near them. Behavioral norms corresponding to the sex of the child, as well as moral notions and concepts are developed at this age. Leadership and organizational skills are mastered in group playing.


The program includes such subjects as:
Music, arts (painting, modeling, application), gymnastics, development of movement, speech and sensor skills.
Jewish Tradition, English, Hebrew, Dancing
Role playing

Children of 5-6 years old

At pre-school age such activities as labor and studying are actively developed. Role playing of pre-school children is distinguished by a big number of various roles and rules. The children master their ability to plan their actions, their imagination and practical thinking are developed, motivation of success is formed. The development of imagination at this age takes place not only in playing but also in the process of free creative activities, art classes, music and dance sessions.
Basics of logical and abstract thinking are formed at this age.
Communication qualities of the child, his sociability, sensitivity and persistence play a big role for his favorable development at this life stage.


Classes are held three times a week.

The program includes such subjects as:
Music, arts, gymnastics, development of movement, speech and sensor skills.
Jewish Tradition, English, Hebrew, Dancing
Basic Maths, Logics, Reading
Preparations for hand writing

Role playing, horse-riding, theatre studio


Group of expecting mothers

Classes are held once a week
In our center you will find answers to various questions that you may have at this wonderful time of expecting your dear baby.
There is psychological training aimed at adaptation to pregnancy period, preparation for safe delivery, relaxation and breath techniques, role playing.

The program has been worked out to experience a happy pregnancy, easy delivery and happy maternity.


We also offer:

Aerobics for mothers; Jewish Family Club for all parents; Baby-sitting; Holidays and birthdays; Family retreats, Shabbaton on wheels, concerts, excursions and tours, swimming pool.


The Center is primarily sponsored by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (“Joint”)

The Center is functioning only thanks to donations

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Home > Mazl Tov - Early childhood development centre
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