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Tours “Jewish Odessa”

Proposed program works for a whole year.

The tour starts with visiting Early childhood development center for smallest kids "Mazl Tov". You will receive many positive emotions spending time with baby members of the center. You will get a chance to sing, draw, dance and communicate with them on different languages.

Moving further for few blocks you will arrive to the Museum of History of Odessa Jews. You will deepen into Odessa Jews` life atmosphere and will learn Jewish history as a part of Odessa history in this comfortable museum-apartment. Due to the interactive nature of the Museum`s exposition you will get marvelous afterglow from its visit.

Later on you will get a chance to go on the excursion "Jewish Odessa" (by foot or by car — depending on your desire). Excursion is held on Russian, Hebrew and English languages. Our guides are professionals of high level in city`s history as well as in its Jewish history. The tour goes on for 2 or 3 hours depending on your desire and includes visiting memorials and places connected with famous people and events in Jewish history of Odessa.

Also you can go on a tour "Old Odessa yards" during which you will absorb original atmosphere of the city.

And in the evening you can continue acquaintance with variety of programs of Jewish Community Center "Migdal" - work of its art groups and clubs. Also the program of visiting "Migdal" can include (with the previous agreement) concert of these groups many of which are winners of different international contests. This is a splendid show - bright costumes, dances, theater performances, songs (on Russian, English, Hebrew and Yiddish).

You can purchase unique souvenirs in our Souvenir store for memories about Jewish Odessa.

With the previous order you can see the performance of Odessa Jewish Musical Theatre "Migdal-Or" or spend the evening with Kleismer musicians either in JCC "Migdal" or outside.

Living one day with us you will understand "How it is done in Odessa" and get a touch of history of the city and it`s nowadays.

Home > Tours “Jewish Odessa”
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