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JCC “Migdal”. Call for action

JCC “Migdal” had shot a great video about there work. And about how they live in these tough days in Ukraine.

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If you have any comments or ideas of help, feel free to write an e-mail to

Chag Pesach Sameach!

8.04.2015 17:19 
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MiniFest "Jewish Odessa"

Let's face it, Ukraine is under the war now. And Odessa as well faces many troubles concerning war times. We have many people coming to live here from the East. Most of them are in bad psychological condition and need support.

So now we plan to conduct MiniFest “Jewish Odessa” that will have in its program psychological trainings, interesting master-classes, concert, Yard Sale of various goods and a lot of communication. Toddlers and small kids will have separate classes and a playing ground. As the fest takes the whole day we plan lunch for all the participants. Lunch is a good training and great way for all to sit and just communicate with each other.

But we have no funds for that and started a campaign. Please, take a look at this campaign and share it with your friends.

10.03.2015 14:29 
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Odessa family roots

We all come from somewhere. Our families have long history and roots. Lots of families now living in US, Israel, Australia, Germany, etc find there roots in Eastern Europe. And many many of them are somehow related to Odessa.

If you want to learn more about your family tree, find long lost relatives and build your family tree, then we'd be happy to help you.

All requests, questions and remarks can be sent to following e-mail:

9.02.2014 15:04 
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And here comes year 2012. What a year!

Activity report of Migdal JCC for the 2012

• 5300 visitors of Jewish museum of Odessa and its outdoor exhibitions; 175 excursions; 150 consultations. Museum was visited by tourist from 37 different countries. 1172 new items where received for the Main museum Fund.

• 360 study hours on the Odessa tour guide courses on local-lore history, ethnography, Jewish history and ethics, literature and art.

• Participants of Jewish library: 964readers. 42 bibliographic references were generated and issued to individual needs and requirements of organizations.

• 127 consultations from the Genealogy section to those, living in Odessa, Ukraine, and the inhabitants of the CIS, as well as Poland, Germany, the U.S., Britain and France.

• 4042 study hours on Jewish education for all ages

• 7038 study hours in art groups of “Migdal” center

• Organization of 6 art exhibitions of the school of Jewish art (center “Migdal”)

• Monthly participation of 980 families in the regular programs

• 6 thematic issues of “Migdal Times” magazine

• 378000 site visits

• Center “Beitenu” works for 127 families from risk group:
Members – 127 families
Study hours: 216

• 142 families participating in programming of “Mazl Tov” Early childhood development center

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26.06.2013 15:21 
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How we lived through the year 2011

Activity report of JCC "Migdal" for the year 2011

• 3692 guests of Jewish Museum, 400 excursions. Museum was visited by guests from 26 different countries.
• 324 study hours were spent on Local history, ethnography, Jewish history and ethics, literature and art.
• Members of Jewish library: 990 people.
• 1720 study hours of Jewish education for all ages
• 3460 study hours in the art groups of Migdal center
• Organization and conducting of 6 art exhibitions prepared by School of Jewish Art.
• Monthly participants of Migdal’s regular programs – 860 families
• 6 thematic editions of Jewish magazine for all “Migdal Times”
• 300 000 visits to Migdal’s website
• “Beitenu” center for families at risk – 120 families
• Number of study hours in Beitenu center - 212

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26.06.2013 14:42 
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Odessa Jewish community – helping others!

Blessed is the one who can help. And he will be helped by others. Helping – is like a snowball, it keeps growing and growing. You just need to start.

There are many ways in which Odessa JCC “Migdal” is helping its members. They help them build new Jewish families; help them find their Jewish roots and self-identity. Unfortunately, in Jewish community there are still many families who also need financial help. Young families and families with small kids are among those who often face financial troubles.

It is clear, that possibilities for help are limited, and that is when others come in to join your efforts. For “Migdal” center such help from within came in a face of two wonderful foundations at once – Kids in Distressed Situations (USA) and Jewish Child’s Day - JCD (UK). These two organizations were a real gift from Above that came through close friends of Odessa community center– Leaders family from New York and Israel Strategic Initiatives from Jerusalem.

Wonderful goods were brought to Odessa families with kids by K.I.D.S. foundation. Thanks to them more then 60 kids from 1 week to 13 years old received new good cloths for sports and everyday life. For large families this assistance is most relevant as well as for families with toddlers who grow up faster then ability to purchase cloths for them.

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5.03.2012 17:24 
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Migdal is looking for your cooperation!

Dear friends!

This is important information; please take few minutes to read this. Migdal is planning some major repairs in the building due to the urgent need! We hope to be able to change our coal heating system into gas that has many positive sides to it. Firstly, it will prevent our old building from falling, secondly, this way of heating is much more effective and we won’t be cold in winter any more. But its also very expansive changes! If any of you can help or knows anyone (any foundation) that can, please contact us personally!
Without your generous help and sincere friendship Migdal won’t be able to survive all the hardships!

Thank you for taking a minute of your precious time!

25.05.2011 15:34 
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Pesach 2011/5771 in Odessa

Pesach is not over yet but while we are looking for last holidays we’d like to share with you story of Pesach in Odessa.

With a help of Migdal International Society Inc. and especially Leader’s Family in Odessa in JCC “Migdal” were held two Seders for more then 100 people.

For more then a week prior to Seders JCC “Migdal” along with Early Childhood Development Center “Migdal – Mazl Tov” were cleaned totally up to get rid of chametz. As there is so much place to clean, volunteers among parents were called to help out.

All rooms and cupboards, all toys and books were thoroughly cleaned and freed out of chametz. And in the hall of “Migdal”, where Seders were to take place at, cleaning was supposed to be even more serious. All the tables and chairs were not only cleaned and washed but also covered twice by oilcloth. Amazing, how much was done by our wonderful volunteers among which were men as well as women and kids.

Everything was cleaned and set before the Seders’ time. Some volunteers came a bit earlier to make last preparations and to set all food on the table. Then women started lighting the candles and all center filled with peacefulness and joy as well as leisure chatter and congratulations.

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24.04.2011 12:51 
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International Jewish Camp in Odessa

Shalom friends!

International Jewish Family Camp “Halom” is opening its 15th season and invites to you to spend marvelous week at the seaside near Odessa.

August 17-24 you will have
“Incredible adventures of Jews in the desert”

Participants get:
- educational and entertainment program
- 4 Kosher meals a day
- Deluxe and economy class rooms
- Transfer from/to Odessa to/from the camp
- Additional excursions, tours and other attractions in Odessa after the Family retreat

Call us: +38-0482-372128, +38-048-7770718 everyday except Friday, Saturday and Jewish Holiday from 14.00 to 20-00, Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00

Don’t think for too long as space is limited!

10.04.2011 23:13 
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Paideia – the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden

Apply now!

Paideia One-year Fellowship 2011-2012

Paideia is a non-denominational institute of higher Jewish learning with an academic focus on textual sources.

Dedicated to the renewal of European Jewish culture, Paideia is also an applied institute linking academic studies to action.

Paideia offers you a unique international Jewish studies opportunity in Stockholm


· Academic studies of Jewish text and culture
· World-renowned faculty from Israeli and European universities
· Interactive text studies using the traditional Hevruta method of studying in pairs
· Applied project work
· Networking in an open, international and pluralistic European environment
· Hebrew Ulpan – 5 hrs / week
· Follow-up programs and conferences
· A cooperative Master’s Program in Jewish Studies with Hochschule für Jüdische Studien in Heidelberg

Candidates should have the following qualities:

· Commitment to the renewal of European Jewish culture
· Intellectual curiosity and documented academic experience
· Interpersonal and leadership skills

Prior study experience in Jewish text or Hebrew is not required.

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16.03.2011 17:34 
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The virtual catalogue of collection of Odessa Jewish museum

As is generally known, the anti-Semitic propaganda actively uses two myths: “All the Jews are exploiters” and “All the Jews are revolutionaries” and both of the abstracts are often used simultaneously. The less logic there is, the more readily people believe in it– something of the kind was used by Goebbels’ propaganda. However, this device was used long before Goebbels and is still used.

Particularly stable is the stereotype about “the Jews-revolutionaries”, speaking about the period of so-called “Russian revolutions” (1905-1917). The project of the virtual catalogue “The Jews of Odessa and Russian revolutions”, supported by the Rothschild Foundation Europe, makes it possible to more objectively assess the place of the Jews in these historic events. Since this spring the material is available at:

The collection of our museum doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive, but even it says that the majority of Odessa Jews, especially belonging to the middle-class, not to mention wealthy ones, weren

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20.10.2010 16:39 
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New friends in Migdal

Migdal is definitely blessed with good friends.

Just few months ago we got acquinted with wonderful man from UK. He wanted to visit Odessa and find places, where his ancestors lived. But unfortunately, the vulcano disturbed all his plans.

And we greatly appriciate our new friend, Simon Majaro, who unfortunately didn't come to Odessa and Migdal as planed.
But even in this condition, Mr. and Mrs. Majaro wanted to help Migdal and made generous donation. With their help we would be able to continue our work in developing Jewish life in Odessa.

THANK YOU dear Mr. and Mrs. Majaro! Our new wonderful friends!

27.04.2010 19:45 
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Odessa tours

Odessa – is a marvelous city, filled with history and a sense of mystery. You’ll need a lot of time to discover its beauty and charm and see all places of interest in Odessa. But if you have just few hours or maybe few days you can choose some tour-roots that you like best.

And these are the tours proposed by JCC “Migdal”:

Odessa highlights. The tour begins by visiting the lovely Fine Arts Museum (former palace of Count Pototsky) to wonder at centuries of Ukrainian and Russian paintings. The sightseeing of the wonderful city includes sightseeing Center of Odessa, Deribasovskaya str, Potemkin square, architectural sights and many other. You get a chance to make a glimpse on our Sea Pearl.

Jewish Odessa. When Odessa was founded it became the first city of the Russian Empire, where Jews were allowed to settle. By the time of the WW II Odessa Jewish community became the third largest in the world, after New York and Warsaw, having reached almost 47% of the city population. It is hard to overestimate the contribution of Odessa Jews to the world Jewish history. Walking through the streets of any Israeli city you will find that many of them are named after famous Zionists, Jewish writers, historians or political activists, who come from Odessa.

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22.04.2010 18:07 
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JCC Migdal – looking back on 2009

As the 18th anniversary of Migdal arrives we decided to look back. To summarize, analyze, and make some plans for future using acquired experience.
We decided not to go too far behind cause that was already done before 15th anniversary. As a result, we looked just through last year.
Even few years ago our work was led mostly by intuition. As the volume and experience of our work enlarged Migdal started to work more planning then intuiting. It means that before beginning of the school year we have a brainstorm in order to invent something even more interesting in Migdal’s life.

In 2009 JCC Migdal stated such strategy:
• Spreading Idishkait among Jews that are still far from living Jewish life
• Propaganda of Jewish early childhood development
• Restoration of main JCC Migdal’s building (Malaya Arnautskaya str., 46a). Building, in which was long ago synagogue of kosher meet butchers turned 100 years old this year and is in very bad condition.
• Development of existing programs and projects

Through report that is following you get to see how we managed with our aims.

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26.01.2010 15:56 
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Game as the most optimal way from grown up to a child!

“Funny Stories” are back in early childhood development center “Mazl Tov”

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3.11.2009 16:22 
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Migdal JCC Summer retreat “Halom-13”

Complacency, benevolence, bliss…nirvana. Not particularly Migdal JCC style, but somehow precisely such atmosphere settled down in a new for Halom camp-sight. However, the faces were familiar and the atmosphere still wonderfully warm… Halom-13 – annual summer family retreat organized by Migdal JCC took place on August 19-26 and included 135 participants among whom just as every year were both new members of the community and those who had taken part in Migdal camps every year. This year’s camp was made possible thanks to our sponsors: Genesis, CAF, JDC “Joint”, Jonathan and Dina Leader.

One of the main specialties this year, besides tranquility and total peacefulness was a beautiful pond which was right in the center of the camp-site and attracted everyone’s attention immediately, becoming the central location for most of the activities.

Halom’s annual tradition is to give a special name to every camp. This year

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21.10.2009 17:14 
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Thanks to the help!

Thanks to the help of Leader’s family from New York, our friendly organization Migdal International Inc. and local sponsors the whole water and heat system in the JCC “Migdal”’s building and also repairs of lavatory rooms were possible.  And all these repairs give an opportunity for normal functioning of the building and the Center itself.

22.09.2009 19:27 
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Migdal is blessed with friends!

Migdal is thankful to G-d for great friends that we have. Among our very helpful friends should be named Leader’s family from New York, former Odessit Mila Dolgin with family living now also in New York and our friendly organization Migdal International Inc. This new non-profit organization is located in USA and is already very helpful to Migdal activities.

Help of our friends is invaluable. Thanks to their support prior to Rosh ha-Shana in Migdal will appear normal lavarotory rooms. They are very important to our members and Migdal’s publicity. And also repairs in basement and drainage strengthened the whole building. And this was done also due to 100th anniversary of our great building on Malaya Arnautskaya str., which is a former synagogue and is still in very bad conditions.

Also, thanks to support of our foreign and local sponsors members of Migdal last weekend had a chance to go on a trip around Ukraine. It was expedition to Jewish cemeteries (Medzhibozh, Uman, etc.) where wise men and tzadikim are buried. While near these holy graves we asked G-d to grant us and all our friends with great year and healthy life.

Shana Tova u-Metuka!!! Have a great and happy year!!!!

16.09.2009 14:36 
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March, 2009. Purim

The night of March 10th was the most cheerful night of the year. Traditionally Purim in Migdal JCC of Odessa is celebrated at night and usually it is lots and lots of fun. This year was no exception and besides lots of fun, it also lasted longer than usual. Those who lasted till the very end of the program definitely managed to prolong their lives by laughing hard, as it is a well-known fact that laughter makes our lives longer.

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25.05.2009 16:36 
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January-February, 2009. 17th Anniversary of Migdal JCC’s Establishment

“Today, when my JCC is turning 17 years old I can celebrate “bar-mitzvah” of my own involvement with it, cause it was 13 years ago when I first opened the door leading to the Center, just with some interest in it, but more – following my elder brother. At that point I had no idea the JCC would become my large Jewish family”, Daniil Spector, one of the JCC activists and those who had been preparing a special event on February 1st – celebration of the 17th anniversary of Migdal JCC establishment – mentions.

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25.05.2009 16:34 
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December, 2008. Hanukkah Miracles in Migdal JCC

While the major December 2008 activity for kids and parents from Mazel Tov and Beitenu center was preparation for and celebration of Hanukkah holiday, the Center went on holding its regular activities.

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25.05.2009 16:29 
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Please, pay attention that our e-mail addresses had changed!

Dear Friends!

Please, pay attention that our e-mail addresses had changed! Our old e-mails, such as, and, will soon be out of service!

Note are recent addresses:

Publish-house, magazine «Migdal Times»: ~

Jewish museum of Odessa «Migdal-Shorashim»:

Early childhood development centre «Mazl Tov»:

Please, check your Address Book and write down all the changes!
Thank you!

26.02.2009 18:58 
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March – November 2008

Migdal-Shorashim Museum of History of Odessa Jews

Migdal-Shorashim Museum organized several exhibitions on its premises in the course of this period, such as the exhibition that was dedicated to work of famous Jewish historian B. Minkus and the one revealing life and work of Odessa artist I. Ostrovsky. In May, 2008 Shorashim opened a new exhibition on art and graphics that shows works from the museum’s archives. Among some of the main exhibits are wonderful judaica that the museum has in its collection.
However, the museum did not only organize its own exhibitions, but also actively participated in Odessa exhibitions, presented in the local museums including Odessa Art Gallery and Odessa Literary Museum.

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20.11.2008 16:10 
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March 2008


Within Purim celebration that Migdal JCC of Odessa (with its programs, such as Beitenu Center for Children at Risk and Mazel Tov Early Childhood Center) organized or was involved in, there was an array of activities, which attracted ages from several months (Mazel Tov babies and toddlers) up to middle and senior age.

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5.05.2008 15:39 
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February 2008


It was extremely difficult to recognize “Beit-Grand’ building on Sunday, February 3rd. For just one evening the building turned into a 19th century oasis, fascinating everyone with bright crinolines and formal tuxedoes. And it became possible as Migdal JCC was celebrating its 16th anniversary. As creatively as always.

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5.05.2008 15:38 
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January 2008


As always, at the time of winter school holidays, Migdal JCC implemented Children’s Day Camps for Odessa kids. The educators did their best to organize the kids and contribute to their health state and upbringing. The playground embraced some 50 children of different ages and was entitled “All About Jewish Calendar”. The program, very well prepared, could boast of a myriad of captivating events and included different kinds of training, games and tours in addition to computer, décor, art classes and studies held in an interesting form.

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5.05.2008 15:35 
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December 2007

Hanukkah in Odessa

Hanukkah in Odessa this year has managed to prove its second name - “Festival of Lights” - once again. An array of activities – from presentations and concerts up to big communal events – has swirled hundreds of community members during the dates of the holiday – December 4-12, and is even planned to do so afterwards till almost end of the year, for so many gatherings and parties are offered within the framework of Hanukkah celebration. Just as Hanukkah lights are lit every day throughout the week in thousands of homes, numerous lights were lit in the hearts of Odessans during the celebrations they organized or took part in.

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5.05.2008 15:33 
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November 2007

Sixth International Scientific Conference “Odessa and Jewish Civilization”

Migdal-Shorashim Museum of History of Odessa Jews and Migdal JCC continued its yearly tradition to hold International Scientific Conference “Odessa and Jewish Civilization” within the framework of OFEK Festival in Odessa.

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5.05.2008 15:31 
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October 2007

Family Shabbat-on-Wheels Launched in Odessa Mazel Tov and Beitenu Center

Shabbat-on-Wheels has been a very popular type of activity utilized by Migdal JCC in order to get more unaffiliated members of the community to Jewish Renewal programs, as well as to keep the existing members interested, in a family style manner. The usual way Shabbat-on-Wheels works is when a group of some 50-60 JCC participants leaves the JCC on Friday afternoon, spends entire Shabbat in some facility (usually rented in a resort area of Odessa, even in winter time), then returns to the JCC on Sunday morning. The participants are of all ages, in families, etc.

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5.05.2008 15:30 
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August 2007


The annual Migdal summer family retreat took place on August 15-22 and became number 11 this year. This was a week of fun, pleasure and activities.

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5.05.2008 15:28 
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May-June 2007


During May 31-June 5 and June 20-25, some 25 youngsters total – students of Darell Friedman Institute for Professional Development at the Weinberg Center (Baltimore, MD) and teenagers from Baltimore community – visited Odessa for introduction to the community history and contemporary life.

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5.05.2008 15:27 
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April 2007


The renovation works at Migdal-Shorashim Museum began in December 2006 and culminated mid-April 2007.

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5.05.2008 15:25 
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March 2007


The star event of March month was definitely Purim celebration. Odessa Migdal JCC celebrated the holiday, as always, in the circle of its big family: Mazel Tov, Beitenu center and many other groups’ participants. For two days and nights, about 300 participants and spectators including the youngest ones – babies and toddlers – gathered under the roof of the JCC.

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5.05.2008 15:15 
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February 2007


The entire week before such an important event in the life of Migdal and its activists – 15th anniversary of the JCC – was very intensive and hard: rehearsals and preparations, favorite and new songs, dances and performances – all those activities involved each member of the large Migdal’s family, be it babies and parents from Migdal - Mazel Tov Center, participants of Migdal - Beitenu Center for Children at Risk, or friends of the Migdal - Shorashim Museum of History of Odessa Jews.

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5.05.2008 15:12 
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January 2007

As always, at the time of winter school holidays – during January 2-9, 2007 - Migdal JCC implemented Children’s Day Camp for Odessa children. The educators did their best to organize the kids and contribute to their health state and upbringing.

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5.05.2008 15:08 
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Changeful of Destiny or “Mazl Tov’s” Excavations
Julia Maksimyuk, the Director of the “Mazl Tov” Center

How to identify nationality of a person? Perhaps, you should refer to his words. But for our organization the document is an important factor. As the saying reads “you are a small insect without the paper”. But it is really significant important: first of all not to overload mind of children and adults with useless information and besides to know whose mind should to be loaded with this information.

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23.01.2008 15:14 
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Migdal JCC's building will turn 100 years this year!

Migdal JCC's building that is a former Synagogue of Kosher Butchers will turn 100 years soon. And the building now is collapsing. Major repayments are needed.
Migdal is now looking for sponsors.

Presentation (15mb)

26.12.2007 17:35 
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The «Beitenu» program has existed for 3 years

The «Beitenu» program has existed for 3 years.
This program is designed for children from the group of risk:
1 Children- orphan – 16 children
2 Children without one of the parents- 70, without a mother – 36
3 Children which are under guardianship, their parents are deprived of parents’ rights- 10
4 Children from poor families -52
5 Children from families with asocial parents {drug-addicted, drunkards, HIV-positive}.

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27.11.2007 19:50 
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Presentation of Center for Jewish children and families at risk «Beitenu»

You can download the Presentation «Center «Beitenu» from here (7mb)

27.11.2007 14:07 
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Presentation program “«Mazl Tov» — early childhood development centre”

You can download the presentation (11 Mb).

15.11.2007 17:16 
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Jewish Odessa tour

When Odessa was founded it became the first city of the Russian Empire, where Jews were allowed to settle. By the time of the WW II Odessa Jewish community became the third largest in the world, after New York and Warsaw, having reached almost 47% of the city population.

It is hard to overestimate the contribution of Odessa Jews to the world Jewish history. Walking through the streets of any Israeli city you will find that many of them are named after famous Zionists, Jewish writers, historians or political activists, who come from Odessa.

"Jewish Odessa" tour will introduce you the Jewish community of Odessa before the Revolution of 1917, during the WW II, the life of Jews during the Soviet Union period and the Jewish life in Odessa today.

28.10.2007 11:34 
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October - December 2006

Migdal JCC, Mazel Tov and Beitenu Centers

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6.06.2007 14:52 
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July-September 2006

Migdal JCC, Mazel Tov and Beitenu Centers

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6.06.2007 14:45 
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City guide of Jewish Odessa is already available

«Migdal»`s publishing center presents to your attention new unique edition — «City guide of Jewish Odessa».
This book is absolutely unique.

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5.06.2007 17:08 
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Welcome to Odessa tours

If you wish to visit Odessa, and the help or the information is necessary, you may ask us.

We can offer:

- a transfer from the airport or from the station;

- searching and booking apartments according to your preferences and opportunities;

- meal (Kosher meal is available)

The developed program of information round which includes:

" excursion tours around the city : "Odessa - its history and culture" and " The Jewish Odessa"

" visiting of a museum of History of Jews of Odessa;

" the welcome performance in a folklore style followed with a concert of music and dancing ensembles (for groups not less than 10 person)

" a concert of professional Jewish musical theatre " Migdal-Or "

" Klezmorim concert

" shopping of Jewish souvenir production

" visiting of museums and theatres of Odessa

" visiting of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress and the Jewish community of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

" a trip around Tzadikkim (righteous Jews) memorial places and tombs

The developed program of creative round which includes:

" Visiting of JCC "Migdal"

" acquaintance with its different programs

" visiting of the center of early development for expecting mothers and families with children from a birth till 6 years

" interactive training of a tourist group

" organization the Jewish music and dancing master-classes

" organization of seminars on the various activity of the Jewish community

" development of program under the individual order

Our e-mail:,

25.04.2007 20:14 
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Tourist excitement in "Migdal"

As we already said tourist season in “Migdal” goes on a high speed. People come from all parts of the world. Guests from America and Israel are common for us but people from France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and other countries are something new. Not only every day is scheduled for groups but hours as well and not only in “Migdal” but in its branches also. Foreigners with great pleasure visit “Mazl Tov”, “Beitenu”, Museum of History of Odessa Jews and of course “Migdal”. And guests from France previously ordered the concert of professional Jewish musical theatre “Migdal-Or” and were delighted with this performance.
We don't know how the information about “Migdal” spread in the world but this amount of interesting guests really rejoices us.

25.04.2007 20:06 
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Antisemitism in Odessa

All Jewish community of Odessa is now in a deep shock.

On the February, 18th someone desecrated more than 500 graves on the Jewish cemetery, memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Odessa and memorial plaque to Leon Pinsker. Red swastikas and the inscription “Congratulations with the Holocaust” was done all over these places.

The memorial plaque to famous doctor Leon Pinsker is situated right in the center part of the city. Only on February, 20th activists of the community center “Migdal” decided to clean all the dirty writing from it. Before that no one worried about it, even people from the synagogue that is one block from it. As we heard from the neighbors that have seen it all done, they called to police but it didn.t arrive.

All this information seems willed. It doesn`t feet in anything known before.

Thanks to the neighbors who helped while we were cleaning up the memorial plaque.
Good people didn't vanish yet.

Источник: Photos

20.02.2007 17:17 
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There were unusually crowded on November 18, at 9 a.m. in the morning in the synagogue Habad-Shomrei Shabos.
Girls in nice gowns, boys wearing tefillins, tables filled with food...

Idea of this holiday appeared this summer, when guests from New-York Dina and Jonathan Leader visited “Migdal”. At this period Migdal was holding the day camp for children of different age. Jonathan had a chat with one of boys and asked whether or not he had Bar Mitzvah. Later on while talking with administration of “Migdal” and Rabbi Avroom Volf Leaders said, that they would like to give a charity donation so that children can have Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

In “Migdal” preparations to this party went on with high inspiration. Not only children that had Bar and Bat Mitzvah were invited to the holiday but their friends also. They were supposed to prepare handmade presents, Lehaims and good mood. And those who were having Bar Mitzvah were preparing Jewish stories connected with this holiday. Party program was prepared and held by teachers of “Migdal” as well as presents for children.

But let.s return to the synagogue. Everyone arrived in time to the celebration: members of

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24.12.2006 17:16 
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Children "Funny stories" - On line!

Majority of our city are introduced already, Children "Funny stories" can be seen on Odessa National Television Health channel.

But it is unfair to deprive rest of our auditorium ability to watch it.

As an afford to correct situation, we offer our visitors, despite their location, to watch and appreciate staring and humor little (and big) movie Stars!

Welcome Children "Funny stories":

Children «Funny stories» are a joint project Theater-studio in Center «Migdal» (leader of project: Inna Naydis) and Odessa National Television Health channel (leader of project: Tamara Kaganovich)

12.11.2006 12:54 
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«Migdal» won`t freeze.

With G-d`s help, this winter in Migdal it will become warmer than the last one.

Due to the help of family from New York — Jonathan and Dina Lider, the heating system in our building on Malaya Arnautskaya str. will be restored, and we hope all of us will be warm and comfortable in Migdal! Here what miracles might happen these ten days between Rosh-ha-Shana and Yom Kippur.

Someone does good deed in far New York, and its result is felt in Odessa!
Do good things and get to know that it will make someone.s life warmer!

3.10.2006 18:20 
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To all of you who loves Migdal!

Winter comes nearer. And along with winter season low temperature is approaching. Currently the heating system of Migdal's building has failed and doesn't operate. So that all of us could visit our favorite place Migdal in winter we need to buy and replace a new boiler. As a result of this 25000 grivnas are needed.
We need your help badly!
We are thankful for any possible charitable donation.
Here are our account details for those who can really help us:

Odessa, Ukraine
Correspondent BANK OF AMERICA N.A.
Bank New York, USA
Correspondent 6550375810
Account number: 26009325658

Name of the account holder: “Migdal” international center of Jewish community programs


Beneficiary: “Migdal” International center of Jewish community programs.
Malaya Arnautskaya str., 46-a, Odessa, Ukraine, 65012
tel. (0482)37-21-28, tel./fax 34-39-68

Account: 26009325658
Odessa, Ukraine
Correspondent Bank: THE BANK OF NEW YORK
New York, USA
Correspondent account: 890-0319-313
Details of payment: Donation

21.09.2006 16:30 
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Presentation of the book “History of the Holocaust in Odessa and Odessa region”

Very cognitive and informing book “History of the Holocaust in Odessa and Odessa region. Collection of articles and documents” was published in Odessa with the support of Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, Rabbi Israel Miller Fund for Shoah Research, Documentation and Education, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

This book is the first result of researching work that was done in the International Jewish community center “Migdal” and the first attempt to present all the events in Odessa during Holocaust for the wide public.

History of the Holocaust in Odessa Region. Collection of articles and documents / Jewish community center “Migdal”; done by M. Rashkovetskiy,- Odessa: “Negociant”, 2006.- 372p.+136p. illustration, 22 tables.

19.06.2006 20:21 
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May 30, 2006 Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

“Shlomi's Stars” an Israeli melodrama produced by Shemi Zarhi opened the Israeli Film Festival playing at the Maski Theater. Zarhi's moving picture about a young boy's life, hidden talent, complicated yet normal family, and sincere love left many in tears. Wows and Ohhs were heard through out the screening and many stayed on to enjoy the rest of the program: Love Columbian Style (producer Shai Kanot). Having already received fourteen film awards, “Shlomi's Stars” is worthy of endless praises which were voiced by yesterday's Odessa audience. If you missed the opening, don't worry you can still catch the second day of the festival on May 31 — Right Turn at the End of the Light (producer Avi Nesher).

4.06.2006 09:53 
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May 29, 2006 Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

“Shalom”, said Lev Koretz, the director of the Israeli Cultural Center, in welcoming hundreds of guests at the Pago club in Arcadia, in celebrating a night dedicated to Israel. His welcoming speech, delivered in Hebrew and translated to Russian, set the theme for the rest of the evening. Pictures of Israel flashed in the background of the open air stadium as Yulia Makarenko and Alex took their audience on a journey through Israel's primary cities and sites. Hebrew music entwined with local Odessa tunes were heard tough out the evening. Dance performances by various youth ensembles and Migdal entertained the crowds, while live music performances and the unforgettable solo act of the saxophone player left everyone screaming for more. Members of all circles of Odessa.s Jewish community danced the night away in celebration of Israel's culture and history. Even the light drizzle of Odessa's midnight skies did not stop the evening from being a success.

4.06.2006 09:52 
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Program Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival will take place May 28 — June 12 in Odessa, Ukraine.

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25.05.2006 15:28 
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“Jewish Odessa” tours

Jewish community center “Migdal” presents marvelous tours “Jewish Odessa” that include visiting Jewish museum “Migdal-Shorashim”, memorial plaques of famous Odessa Jews and many others. You get a chance to see modern Odessa Jewish community life in all it.s diversity.

Tours are delivered on both Russian and English.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our wonderful city!

Tel. (0482) 37-21-28, (048) 777-07-18
Tel./fax (0482) 34-39-68

9.05.2006 15:37 
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Festival is coming! Welcome to the Festival!

The Migdal International center of Jewish community programs with the support of Hanadiv Charitable Foundation (UK), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Ink (USA) has the honor to invite all those who concerned for the cooperation for conducting the Jewish Community Festival "The Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora"

The Festival is holding on 4 - 13 June, 2006 in cooperation with the Israel Culture Center in Odessa at the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine (Kiev), The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine (Kiev); with the assistance of Bavarian House in Odessa (Germany), Greek Culture Foundation and French Culture Center.

The Festival is based upon the idea that the Jewish culture instantly absorbs the colorful diversity of fruits of the culture life of Diaspora Jews in many countries. To make this culture kaleidoscope widely accessible and to open its aroma to the general public it needs to be actively popularized. So, we want to produce an event that preserves the multinational roots of Jewish folk tradition as well as spiritual wealth, richness and taste of modern culture of Jews in many countries, showcases budding new talents, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

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5.04.2006 11:15 
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February 2006

Presentation of “Migdal Times” Digest and Opening of the Exhibition of Children.s Works

Two, not less important events — presentation of digest of “Migdal Times” magazine and the opening of the exhibition of children.s works of “Migdal.s” School of Jewish Art — took place in the framework of the celebration of the 14th anniversary of Migdal JCC. The catalog of the exhibition which served as part of OFEK (published owing to donations of Podolskys family - Migdal.s participants) was also presented. The events took place in the exhibition hall of children.s rehabilitation center “House with Angel” on February 2, 2006 and gathered local historians, art professionals and community members.

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3.04.2006 18:03 
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February 2006

Fourteenth Anniversary of Migdal Jewish Community Center

Migdal International Jewish Community Center of Odessa celebrated the 14th anniversary of its work on February 5, 2006. The entire week before such an important event in the life of Migdal and its activists, as well as staff and participants of Mazel Tov and Beitenu centers, Shorashim Museum of Odessa Jews — was very intensive and full of rehearsals and preparations. When, finally, the celebrants and guests gathered in the specially rented facility of Palladium convention center for the event, the hall was full and there was not a single empty seat. All together, about 750 invitees gathered for this holiday. Before entering Palladium hall, most of them could see a big banner outside, visible for all the Odessans, with congratulations of Migdal with the anniversary.

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3.04.2006 18:01 
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January 2006


As always, at the time of winter school holidays, Migdal JCC implemented Children.s Day Camp for Odessa kids. The educators did their best to organize the kids and contribute to their health state and upbringing. The playground embraced some 55 children of different ages and was entitled “School of Personal Development”. The program, very well prepared, could boast of a myriad of captivating events and included different kinds of training, games and tours in addition to classes and studies held in an interesting form.

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3.04.2006 17:59 
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September 2005

5th Anniversary of Migdal.s Club of Jewish Students The club of Jewish Students celebrated the 5th anniversary of its activities. Born under the roof of Migdal JCC, the club has already become a strong catalyst for Jewish life of Odessa youth. Young people become involved in the club in order to reconnect with their Jewish roots, learn Jewish Tradition, history, culture and literature, as well as to solve their own problems and have a good time. The club of Jewish students helps young people find out answers to the vital question — “What does it mean to be Jewish?” A series of lectures on different topics, which the students choose themselves are regularly delivered at so called Sunday Complex of studies

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30.11.2005 19:35 
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August 2005

Family Retreat “Halom”- 9 During the 7 days of August 22- 29, some 150 members of Odessa Jewish community enjoyed the Jewish atmosphere of the family retreat coordinated by Odessa Migdal JCC. Ninth in a row, the retreat was as usual carefully planned and organized to meet the expectations of the experienced and new participants, to provide for an educating but not tense atmosphere, and to stimulate further thirst for Jewish knowledge and aspiration for reconnection to the Jewish roots.

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30.11.2005 19:33 
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June 2005

Summer Day Camp for Children Summer Day camp for children implemented by Migdal JCC embraced some 50 kids including Beitenu participants of 7-13 years old.

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30.11.2005 18:57 
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March 2005

Migdal JCC Participating in the International Youth Grand-Prix of Jewish Arts “Young People against Wars and Terrorism” — Kiev — New-York — Jerusalem The festival that took place in Kiev (March 20) in a famous concert hall —“Ukraine” Palace gathered the best creative groups of Ukraine.

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30.11.2005 18:55 
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February 2005

Bar-Mitzvah of Migdal — 13th Anniversary of the JCC.s Activities, February 6 The entire week before such an important event in the life of Migdal and its activists — 13th anniversary of the JCC — was very intensive and hard: rehearsals and preparations, routine activities, not to mention special visitors — UJC Rabbinical Mission that came to see Migdal, Mazel Tov program and community project Beitenu.

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30.11.2005 17:46 
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January 2005

December 27-January 10. Children.s Day Camp. This time the theme of the Camp was “Cinema”, and various aspects of this large area. One of the peculiarities of the event was that it had been prepared jointly by the JCC and JAFI.

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17.05.2005 16:00 
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December 2004

December 9-12. Chanukah celebrations. The holiday of Chanukah in Migdal and Mazel Tov was, as always, merry, interesting and warm in spite of cold weather outside. On December 9, Mazel Tov children presented their concert program with a surprise — first night performance of the “puppet” theatre (the theatre in which mothers carry their babies, thus the last ones serving as alive dolls). The performance was staged after a popular fairy-tale, with new components. Then there was dancing by the smallest children, theatre studio performance, Day of the Birthday Person (activities for parents).

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17.05.2005 15:59 
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November 2004

The following events took place in the framework of OFEK.

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17.05.2005 15:58 
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October 2004

September 30 — October 2. Sukkot celebration. The rainy days that began Sukkot did not prevent some 140 participants to enjoy Kiddushim in sukka (that had been built in advance), and then to take part in various quizzes and activities revealing the meaning of the holiday.

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17.05.2005 15:57 
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September 2004

September 1 Opening of a new school year at Migdal. On September 1 “Migdal” JCC celebrated the opening of a new school year. The membership has considerably expanded thanks to “Migdal.s” publicity in the city and growing number of newcomers who got interested in “Migdal” advertisement on TV, local newspapers and as well as those people who had become involved in different quizzes and intellectual games run by Migdal for Odessans.
More than 100 programs have been offered for participation, among which there are some new ones for parents, Beitenu and Mazal Tov kids.

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17.05.2005 15:56 
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August 2004

Halom-8 — Another Family Retreat for 170 Participants During the 7 days of August 16-23, some 170 members of Odessa, Izmail and Simferopol communities enjoyed the Jewish atmosphere of the family retreat coordinated by the International Jewish Community Center Migdal. Eighth in a row, the retreat was as usual carefully planned and organized to meet the expectations of the experienced and new participants, to provide for an educating but not tense atmosphere, and to stimulate further thirst for Jewish knowledge and aspiration for reconnection to the Jewish roots.

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26.09.2004 04:29 
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June 2004

On June 1-3 Migdal JCC held the tenth, jubilee seminar «Ad Or Aboker». Keeping the tradition to hold the cycle of seminars with several directions, the priority was given to the library and museum programs, and mass media. This year the seminar has considerably broadened the map of the regional seminar: 35 participants came from 13 cities of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia and Israel. The high level of Odessa professionals' mastery reinforced with theoretic and hands-on classes enriched and encouraged participants for their further work for Jewish organizations.

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26.09.2004 04:23 
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May 2004

The birthday party organized for 2 celebrants gathered 50 participants — the smallest ones and young adults in Beitenu. As Migdal JCC has always been paying a special attention to intellectual development of its members, the educational management of the center does its utmost designing new varieties of mental activity within the programs. Jewish Tradition classes devoted to Lag-ba-Omer were held in a picturesque place in the vicinity of Odessa. Youth and Family Department functioning at the Odessa Municipality, organized the competitions to discover the best Odessa's family.

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1.07.2004 02:51 
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April 2004

Beitenu center run by Odessa community was chosen by Migdal JCC as the central place for its two Seders. The series of stories “Odessa and Jews” regularly issued by Migdal publishing center has been expanded with a new book. A new club has been opened under the roof of Migdal JCC. Migdal JCC has taken part in the cycle of festive events devoted to the 84th anniversary of Turkey's national sovereignty and actively participated in the concert devoted to Israel Independence Day, which was organized by Sokhnut.

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1.07.2004 02:45 
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March 2004

Purim celebration in Migdal JCC was in full swing for three days. “Migdal Or” theatre visited five regional cities with its new concert program and shared its masterpiece dances with about 4,000 people. “Migdal Or” theatre's concert in Odessa was devoted to Migdal Or's 13th anniversary. During a week of spring holidays children from Beitenu had a day camp held under the motto “tour of museums”.

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1.07.2004 02:33 
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February 2004

Migdal JCC was celebrating the 12th anniversary of its work. 4th youth conference “World of Information” was coordinated by Migdal JCC. Almost all the participants of the newly opened Beitenu program celebrated Tu-bi-Shvat for the first time in their lives.

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1.07.2004 02:26 
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January 2004

The annual Migdal's Winter Playground-2004 devoted to the partnership relations with Baltimore Jewish community was entitled “Odessa-Baltimore”. January 25th marked the official opening of Beitenu center.

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1.07.2004 02:13 
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