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MiniFest "Jewish Odessa"

Let's face it, Ukraine is under the war now. And Odessa as well faces many troubles concerning war times. We have many people coming to live here from the East. Most of them are in bad psychological condition and need support.

So now we plan to conduct MiniFest “Jewish Odessa” that will have in its program psychological trainings, interesting master-classes, concert, Yard Sale of various goods and a lot of communication. Toddlers and small kids will have separate classes and a playing ground. As the fest takes the whole day we plan lunch for all the participants. Lunch is a good training and great way for all to sit and just communicate with each other.

But we have no funds for that and started a campaign. Please, take a look at this campaign and share it with your friends.

Home > News & Events > MiniFest "Jewish Odessa"
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