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25.05.2009 16:36

March, 2009. Purim

The night of March 10th was the most cheerful night of the year. Traditionally Purim in Migdal JCC of Odessa is celebrated at night and usually it is lots and lots of fun. This year was no exception and besides lots of fun, it also lasted longer than usual. Those who lasted till the very end of the program definitely managed to prolong their lives by laughing hard, as it is a well-known fact that laughter makes our lives longer.

The program consisted of three main parts. It may seem that it is impossible to make up something new for Purim as there have already been so many improvisations on this subject. However, despite the fact that every year Purim is concluded by sad sighs of all the participants and their declarations that next year it would be impossible to imagine something original, every year Purim celebration turns into a bright myriad of brilliant ideas put into life with the help of Migdal JCC members. This probably is one of Purim’s miracles.

All Purim commandments were followed in strict order. Firstly, Beitenu children showed their original version of Purim events in their shadows’ theater. Afterwards, everyone read and listened to Esther scroll. And there was no one who stayed indifferent, every word was listened to with special attention and it immediately became clear how important those words were for everyone present. And then…then there was a concert program, which started from the long-awaited third round of “Two Stars” show contest, the topic of which this time was “Art of Parody”. It was amazing to see how well all the couples were prepared – enthusiasm, eagerness to win and show their best, originality and openness, even to criticism from the judges. All kinds of parodies were vividly portrayed by the contestants – an old Odessa courtyard, where even scenery “spoke”, as was noted by the judges; rock-&-roll king Elvis Presley and his muse danced out-of-worldly to the delight of the audience; Liza Minelli throwing golden coins into the public; famous poet, composer, actor and singer Alexander Vertinsky was opened in a new way precisely in the course of this contest; Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” also found its niche in the performance – though it was more of a funny dance of an immortal swan than a serious ballet, but still it was fantastic to watch.

“Two Stars” were over at midnight and Purimshpilim started. Mazel Tov parents showed the second part of their “thriller” and they promised even a more thrilling third part next year. Jewish Students Club demonstrated their “very English” detective, identifying the murderer very quickly with the help of deduction in the case of Esther, Mak-Mordehey, sir Kserks and just Aman (who actually was the murderer).

Viktoria Gelfand’s dancing group demonstrated their awesome dance and everyone watched them magnified.

That night was truly the night of miracles. Parents dancing Jewish quadrille, “Pour Le Chance” theater showed Purimshpil in Ukrainian, teens sang famous retro songs of 80s…the night was concluded by a splendid designer collection Purim 2009, which was presented by designer Lilia Vrublevskaya – one of activists of Migdal JCC. “You know, I’m sure that even Pierre Carden wouldn’t be able to make such a collection. He simply wouldn’t be able to make up such characters – he just doesn’t know them” – said Victoria, Mazel Tov parent, one of the celebration’s participants.

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Home > Events > March, 2009. Purim
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