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Pesach 2011/5771 in Odessa

Pesach is not over yet but while we are looking for last holidays we’d like to share with you story of Pesach in Odessa.

With a help of Migdal International Society Inc. and especially Leader’s Family in Odessa in JCC “Migdal” were held two Seders for more then 100 people.

For more then a week prior to Seders JCC “Migdal” along with Early Childhood Development Center “Migdal – Mazl Tov” were cleaned totally up to get rid of chametz. As there is so much place to clean, volunteers among parents were called to help out.

All rooms and cupboards, all toys and books were thoroughly cleaned and freed out of chametz. And in the hall of “Migdal”, where Seders were to take place at, cleaning was supposed to be even more serious. All the tables and chairs were not only cleaned and washed but also covered twice by oilcloth. Amazing, how much was done by our wonderful volunteers among which were men as well as women and kids.

Everything was cleaned and set before the Seders’ time. Some volunteers came a bit earlier to make last preparations and to set all food on the table. Then women started lighting the candles and all center filled with peacefulness and joy as well as leisure chatter and congratulations.

As there were two leaders at the Seders: Velvel Verkhovsky and Zvi – Hirsh Blinder the story was told fully, with different comments and different visions on the events. Hopefully, most of hundred members of Seder Pesach in Migdal went back home with deeper understanding of inner strength and freedom.

Also, at Migdal Seders there were few toddlers that were learning Agada shel Pesach together with their parents. Age of these small kids range from 1.5 month to 1 year without a day.

And with G-d’s help, next year we will all meet in Jerusalem! Le shana aba be Ierushalaim!

Home > News & Events > Pesach 2011/5771 in Odessa
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