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JCC Migdal – looking back on 2009

As the 18th anniversary of Migdal arrives we decided to look back. To summarize, analyze, and make some plans for future using acquired experience.
We decided not to go too far behind cause that was already done before 15th anniversary. As a result, we looked just through last year.
Even few years ago our work was led mostly by intuition. As the volume and experience of our work enlarged Migdal started to work more planning then intuiting. It means that before beginning of the school year we have a brainstorm in order to invent something even more interesting in Migdal’s life.

In 2009 JCC Migdal stated such strategy:
• Spreading Idishkait among Jews that are still far from living Jewish life
• Propaganda of Jewish early childhood development
• Restoration of main JCC Migdal’s building (Malaya Arnautskaya str., 46a). Building, in which was long ago synagogue of kosher meet butchers turned 100 years old this year and is in very bad condition.
• Development of existing programs and projects

Through report that is following you get to see how we managed with our aims.
As you all know, Migdal center is working in many fields of education and development, it has serious structure, many-many different programs and thousands of members. That is why information in report may be incomplete and will not show our work to the fullest extent.

Restoration of former Synagogue of kosher meet butchers (Malaya Arnautskaya, 46-A)
In 2009 was completed:
• Capital repairs of heating and water system
• Capital repairs of lavatories
• A repair of the floor in the multifunctional hall, that was is emergency condition.

Early childhood development center “Migdal – Mazl Tov”
In 2009 our center was visited by more then 150 families including 200 children from 0 to 6 years.
Following are activities for them:
• 10 educational children groups
• 18 thematic groups (Hebrew, music, English, art, choreography, chess)
• Family groups for birth-giving preparations
• Constant consultations, trainings with specialist in early childhood development and Jewish education
• Mutual service new mothers and families in need
• 6 thematic clubs (Family clubs, Weekend club, Cookers club, hand crafts, video club and linguistic club)
• Show-programs and holidays for children
• Tales therapy
• Jewish holidays, Birthday parties, lections
• TV-project ‘Funny stories’

In 2009 our members (and with our help also – inspiration and consultations):
• 15 children were born
• 7 ceremonies of Opshernish occurred (first haircut of 3-years old boys)

About 1000 members that not only read but also actively participate in various library programs such as:
• 5 clubs (“Mea Ahuz”, “12 personas”, “Library mezzanine”, “My heritage”, “Interesting movie”)
• Project “Library on wheels”
• Bibliographic information center
• Project “Library for the youngsters”
• 5 educational groups
Main fund of the library gained 187 new items, support fund – 109 items. Books are coming to library as a present, or purchased from “charity” money, that are gathered from Fair of the Jewish cuisine.

“Migdal-Art” Center
In 2009 in art projects more then 250 people participated. There are just few projects that are in our active:
• 9 choreography groups for different ages (participation in more than 20 city concerts and events)
• 4 theatre groups (4 premieres watched by Odessa citizens)
• Vocal ensemble (participation in more 10 city concerts and events)
• School of Jewish Art (about 250 art-works done, 3 city exhibitions “Jews and music”, “New life for Jewish postcard” and “Light of Torah”)
• Applied arts studio
• Creative projects (year-round contest “Shir ha-Shirim”, project of modern visual art “Hurrah! Crisis!”)
• Master-classes in Jewish choreography and music
• Photo-projects (Poster’s contest “If not me then who?”, photo-sessions, city exhibitions “Smiles”, “Modern Jewish Odessa”, “Chanukah Games”)

Jewish Museum “Migdal - Shorashim” in 2009
• Museum was visited by 3223 people from 37 countries (Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Columbia, Costa-Rika, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, USA, Ukraine, Finland, France, Chili, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, SAR)
• Were given more than 310 excursions
• 7 exhibitions were opened
• Main fund gained 205 new items, support fund – 227 new exhibits
• Museum participated in 7 conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.
• Various publications in different sources, on TV or radio.
• 4 clubs worked in Museum during this year
- “School of young culture man”
- “School of Jewish guide”
- “Club of young historians”
- “Club of those who love Museum” – specialists, scientists

Show – center “Migdal”
Prepared and conducted a series of events, which were attended by about 7 thousand people.

Within celebrating 17th anniversary of "Migdal":
• Star Party for Children
• “Cosmo-show” for grown-ups

Purim show:
• “East fairy tale" in the "Dolphinarium" for all Jewish schools
• Purim show for the youngest children
• Night show for adults "Shir ha-Shirim"

As part of the festival "Days of Jewish Culture" and "Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora"
• The concert program from Odessa Jewish Musical Theatre "Migdal Or" in Simferopol due to the 10th anniversary of "Hesed Shimon"
• Opening of the festival "Days of Jewish Culture": a concert show program of OJMT "Migdal-or"
• Children's entertainment program on the city’s central square "Kinder Surprise"
• Outdoor cooking show "Fair of the Jewish cuisine"
• Show "Dancing under the sky". Master-class of Israeli dances for everyone willing to participate.
• Participation in "Kleizmer festival"

As part of Chanukah activities:
• Chanukah circus show for all the Jewish schools
• Show for adults "Chanukah lights"
•Evening of the bard songs "Until the candle burns"

As well as other educational, intelligent and entertaining shows and parties for children, youth and adults

Publishing Center "Migdal"
This year our center published a unique publication - artistic album "Jewish postcards" from the private collection of A.A. Drozdovsky with a scientific article, notes and reference data.
Also were published five issues of the Jewish magazine for everyone "Migdal-Times», laureate of Charles Hoffman award:
• «Vitamin R" - the notion of "joy" in Jewish philosophy and culture;
• «Polyphonic world" - "Radio" and the Jews;
• «Mom, Dad and ..." - aspects of Jewish bringing-up;
• «Odessits of all countries ..." - the famous Odessits;
• «Laid Table" - "Food" in the Jewish tradition, philosophy and culture.

Through the magazine, Jewish educational materials get into the city's main library and libraries in other cities. Jewish magazine is read by about 3000 families. Internet version of the magazine provides an opportunity to an international audience to learn the material. According to statistics from the web site "Migdal" in 2009 there were 150 thousand visits to the magazine.

Educational (idishkait) center "Migdal"
In 2009
• around 1000 people of all ages participated in events to mark the Jewish holidays (such as festive Kiddush, Seder, the reading of Megillat Esther, "Kaparot", etc.), not including entertainment events.
• conducted over 500 lectures, lessons, educational classes on Jewish tradition, history, philosophy and culture for all ages (from 7 years and up to 120)
• 2 groups of "School of Jewish tour guides" are working
• carried out about 10 tours of "Jewish Odessa"
• took place about 5 round tables (including with representatives of the State of Israel)
• weekly lessons in Jewish tradition for the staff
• educational projects ( "HiTaS", “Shabat mevareh”, "Intellectual casinos ")

"Laboratory of Personality"
Training Center to prepare young community leaders and volunteers working with 4 age groups from 7 years to 50 years (about 150 participants):
-club for school kids "Simcha"
-club for teenagers “Matanot "
-student club "Jewish Student Club"
-parent club "Mishpaha"
• 200 madrih-times and trainings were conducted
• 15 community volunteer projects
• 5 international volunteer projects

Going –to-other places events
In 2009 about 500 people attended retreats in other cities:
• 2 trips for families out in Askania Nova
• Family leave in the woods on Lag B'Omer
• Tour of OJMT "Migdal Or"
• Family Camp "Halom-13" on "Wandering Stars"
• Expedition of Jewish towns: Odessa – Medzhybozh - Slavut - Onipol - Berdichev - Uman - Odessa

Center "Migdal - Beitenu"
For families at risk
In 2009 our center oversaw 260 families
• 30% of children received social rehabilitation and adaptation in the circle of their peers
• 50 hours of psychological training
• Approximately 100 hours of art therapy
• psychological counseling, tutoring, field activities, etc.

Web-site center "Migdal"
In 2009 recorded about 400 thousand visits

Odessa Jewish musical theater "Migdal Or"
In 2009:
• About 4000 people have watched theatre performances
• Theater undertook tours in Simferopol
• participated in international festivals in Odessa "Kleizmer festival", "Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora," "Days of Jewish Culture"
• engaged in staging of a concert show program "Yiddish", the study and treatment of the musical material of Yiddish culture

Thus, as demonstrated by the investigation, programs of JCC "Migdal" were attended by over 1000 families and about 400 thousands of virtual visitors.

Even if there is a stellar team we wouldn’t be able to accomplish it all without G-d’s help, to Whom everything is possible and our friends help:
we thank for sponsorship and volunteer help JDC, Rothshild Foundation (England), Leader family (USA), Genesis, CAF (Russia), Rabbi Avraham Wolf (Odessa), and all our friends, associates and volunteers.

We are very pleased that 2009 was productive for our center, and we managed to implement some of the tasks.

Looking to the year 2010 with hope and enthusiasm!

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