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26.06.2013 15:21

And here comes year 2012. What a year!

Activity report of Migdal JCC for the 2012

• 5300 visitors of Jewish museum of Odessa and its outdoor exhibitions; 175 excursions; 150 consultations. Museum was visited by tourist from 37 different countries. 1172 new items where received for the Main museum Fund.

• 360 study hours on the Odessa tour guide courses on local-lore history, ethnography, Jewish history and ethics, literature and art.

• Participants of Jewish library: 964readers. 42 bibliographic references were generated and issued to individual needs and requirements of organizations.

• 127 consultations from the Genealogy section to those, living in Odessa, Ukraine, and the inhabitants of the CIS, as well as Poland, Germany, the U.S., Britain and France.

• 4042 study hours on Jewish education for all ages

• 7038 study hours in art groups of “Migdal” center

• Organization of 6 art exhibitions of the school of Jewish art (center “Migdal”)

• Monthly participation of 980 families in the regular programs

• 6 thematic issues of “Migdal Times” magazine

• 378000 site visits

• Center “Beitenu” works for 127 families from risk group:
Members – 127 families
Study hours: 216

• 142 families participating in programming of “Mazl Tov” Early childhood development center


• Shooting of 3-short films of social ads "Children are fashionable", "Children – it’s profitable", "Children - it's nice"
• Preparation for the 20th anniversary of JCC "Migdal". Digitization of video archives of "Migdal".
• Preparation for a Youth conference on topic "Mystiques of Jewish home" and for the first Jewish Film Festival "KinoMig"
• Events on the International Holocaust Day:
Publication of “Migdal Times” issue 115 on topic of the Holocaust - 1000 copies.
The premiere of the play "And we were looked by Germans and dogs" - 200 people.


• Celebration of “Migdal” 20th anniversary, ethno-show “Lehaim” – 700 participants
• Online Live video of “Migdal” 20th anniversary, ethno-show “Lehaim” – 2900 people
• First International Jewish Film festival of short films “KinoMig” – 500 people
• “Migdal” 20th anniversary celebration for kids – 350 participants
• “Migdal” 20th anniversary celebration for stuff and volunteers – 150 people
• Museum exhibition “Beginning” is opened, dedicated to the renewal of Odessa Jewish community in 1990’s


• Purim celebration for all ages – 400 people
• Megilat Esther reading
• Publication of “Migdal Times” issue #116 on topic “Odessa”


• Publication of “Migdal Times” issue #117 on topic “A man reads a book”
• Holding out community Pesach Seders for 150 people
• Lection of Odessa Jewish museum director due to the Yom ha-Shoa for JDC’s seminar participants
• Performances of theatre group in Crimea with a play “ And we were looked by Germans and dogs ” – 200 people
• Exhibition “Pesach dinner services” in Odessa Jewish Museum
• Holding out 10th Jubilee Youth conference “Mystique of Jewish home” for 45 people


• Lag ba-Omer holiday picnic
• Organization of the concert for Jazz band from Bremen (Germany) “Bremen Musicians” for 100 people
• Publication of students’ newspaper “Migdal News” #9 on topic “Odessa yards” – 1000 issues
• Night in the Jewish Museum – “Yard in Museum, Museum in the Yard” – 400 people
• Shavuot celebration (community Kiddush and feast, Torah lesson) – 100 people


• The meeting at the Jewish Museum with the Director of the Center of Jewish Studies of Kyiv-Mokhilyana Academy Leonid Finberg and presentation of their publications – 30 people
• Concert of retro-music by Nataly Vinnitzky (Vilnius) – 50 people
• Participation of dance group “Migdal – Mazl Tov” at the International festival of young talents “Star”, obtaining II prize
• Publication of “Migdal Times” issue #118 on topic “Children’s world” – 600 pieces
• Final concert of all art groups of JCC “Migdal” – 800 people
• Graduation from School of the tour guides around Jewish Odessa
• Start of new project-laboratory on local history of Jewish Odessa for teenager “Show if you like you city”
• Youth expedition around Jewish shtetls of Odessa region, Savran town – 40 people


Renovation of the corridor on the 2nd floor and 2 study classes


• Holding out Family camp Halom-16. Topic: “Art of living”. 140 people
• Preparation to the new study year
• Conduction of the concert by Tatiana Melamed (USA) – 60 people

• Open Doors day in JCC “Migdal”. PostCamp event – meeting and activities from those who participated in the Family Camp
• Expedition around Jewish shtetls of Ukraine: Medzhibozh – Lvov – small towns of Galicia – 40 people
• Participation of Family theatre “Pur le Chance” and “Migdal” theatre group in XV theatre festival “Travelling Stars” in Kiev – 400 people
• Publication of “Migdal Times” issue #119 on topic “Let’s talk about wonders of love” – 600 pieces
• High Holidays community celebration – 500 people


• Start of the new project “Courses of young tour guides on Jewish Odessa”
• Courses of Tour Guides on Jewish Odessa – 5th course
• Start of educational project for middle age “Café Midrash” – 30 people once a week
• Conducting a play “Diagnosis: Jewish Blood” by family theatre “Pur le Chance” – 80 people

• Expedition around Jewish shtetls of Odessa region on the places of Jewish mass massacre during the Holocaust: Kodima – Balta - Gvozdavka – 40 people
• Conducting an event “International Day of Jewish Knowledge”
• Start of preparing and shooting a film “What Jews are talking about” by group of teenagers due to the II International Jewish Film Festival “KinoMig”


Festival “Chanukah in Odessa”:
• Big celebration of 10th anniversary of Jewish museum of Odessa and opening of II International Jewish Film Festival “KinoMig” – 250 people
• Organization of 6 exhibitions in State museum dedicated to 10th anniversary of Jewish Museum of Odessa – 600 people
• Conducting II International Jewish Film Festival “KinoMig”- 500 people
• Intellectual Chanukah casino – 200 people
• Chanukah for kids – 300 people
• Jazz night “While the candle burns” – 60 people
• Quest around the city for guides – professional – 50 people

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