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Odessa Jewish community – helping others!

Blessed is the one who can help. And he will be helped by others. Helping – is like a snowball, it keeps growing and growing. You just need to start.

There are many ways in which Odessa JCC “Migdal” is helping its members. They help them build new Jewish families; help them find their Jewish roots and self-identity. Unfortunately, in Jewish community there are still many families who also need financial help. Young families and families with small kids are among those who often face financial troubles.

It is clear, that possibilities for help are limited, and that is when others come in to join your efforts. For “Migdal” center such help from within came in a face of two wonderful foundations at once – Kids in Distressed Situations (USA) and Jewish Child’s Day - JCD (UK). These two organizations were a real gift from Above that came through close friends of Odessa community center– Leaders family from New York and Israel Strategic Initiatives from Jerusalem.

Wonderful goods were brought to Odessa families with kids by K.I.D.S. foundation. Thanks to them more then 60 kids from 1 week to 13 years old received new good cloths for sports and everyday life. For large families this assistance is most relevant as well as for families with toddlers who grow up faster then ability to purchase cloths for them.

And, with assistance from Jewish Child’s Day, Migdal and Mazl Tov center will be able to purchase equipment for small kids and toddlers, such as highchairs, cradles, baby walkers, etc. that will be given to families for rent. This means that many families will be able to use it and then give back in order for others to use this expensive equipment.

Help others and you will get help!

Home > News & Events > Odessa Jewish community – helping others!
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