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February 2006

Presentation of “Migdal Times” Digest and Opening of the Exhibition of Children.s Works

Two, not less important events — presentation of digest of “Migdal Times” magazine and the opening of the exhibition of children.s works of “Migdal.s” School of Jewish Art — took place in the framework of the celebration of the 14th anniversary of Migdal JCC. The catalog of the exhibition which served as part of OFEK (published owing to donations of Podolskys family - Migdal.s participants) was also presented. The events took place in the exhibition hall of children.s rehabilitation center “House with Angel” on February 2, 2006 and gathered local historians, art professionals and community members.

Migdal?s School of Jewish Art titled ?Jewish Odessa in the Eyes of Children and beyond? (coordinated by Galina Tolkacheva) is of great interest to amateur artists and professionals. Numerous children?s drawings and works were based on black and white photographs of L.Nuzhny depicted the synagogues, alms-houses, prayer-houses, charity organizations, etc. In their drawings the children reproduced old Odessa?s buildings with their vision as a person of the next century, and old walls and stairs depicted in the photographs were transformed by the children and began to sparkle with bright colors. The exhibition that received the name ?Jewish Shtettle in Improvisations? served as an example of how children with an art vision were able to take the Past on their way in to their Future.

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Home > Events > February 2006
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