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25.05.2006 15:28

Program Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival will take place May 28 — June 12 in Odessa, Ukraine.

The Program

May 23

Press Conference
* The World Odessit Club

May 28

The Fair of Jewish Cooking
* Migdal Center


May 29

Youth Night Party “Just to see Israel and ...!”
* An event organized by the Israel Cultural Center at the Paga Club

May 30

The opening of the Israel Film Festival
* At the Masky Theater

June 4

“Jewish Odessa” bus tour

Opening of the Festival — Gala Concert, “Migdal-or” 15 anniversary celebration, Jewish Costume Defile and many other activities
* The Concert Hall of the Sea Port (by invitation only)

Celebration on the Sea Port Square

— Kleizmer music

— Master classes of Yiddish dance (Andreas Shmitges — folk musician, dance master from Germany)

— Circle Dancing — “Rikudey am” (Choreographers of “Migdal”: Y. Tvorilova, V. Gelfand)

— Jewish Diaspora Dishes presentation (kosher restaurant “Rozmarin” cuisine)

— Fireworks

June 5, 6

— ongoing
Seminars on Jewish Dance (Choreography lessons for professionals — Jointly coordinated with the Center of Jewish education of the Ukraine) — Yiddish Dance and Israeli Circle Dance
* Odessa Cultural college, Odessa Pedagogical University, Migdal Center

June 5

“Fool, that's love!” — drama comedy performance
* TUZ theater
Director: Alexander Korol

June 6

Tour “Taras Shevchenko and the Jews of Odessa”
* Ukrainian Cultural Center “Tarasiv Dim”

June 7

“Shosha” — theater performance by Isaac Zinger drama
Director Vicheslav Olihovsky
* Migdal Center in corporation with Odessa Center for Rehabilitation of handicapped children — Pushkinskaya 51

Opening of the Jewish art exhibition “Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora” — painting of Alex Rozen (Israel), Michael Kolomey (Ukraine), students of the Migdal Jewish Art School
* Center Migdal in corporation with Odessa Center for Rehabilitation of handicapped children — Pushkinskaya 51
(June 7th — June 13th)

June 8

Opening of the exhibitions:

— “Miniature Odessa” Michael Kolomey (Odessa, Ukraine)

— “Expressions of the heart and the soul” (miniature wood carvings) Evgeny Melnichenko (Simferopol, Ukraine)

— “Scenes from Jewish daily life” — (miniature dolls) Elena Andreeva (Simferopol, Ukraine)

— Photo exhibition “Objective Outlook” M. Aerov, A. Yaroslavtsev, M. Shtekel, A. Krasina, D. Melamud, A. Teshin, G. Shpatokovskaya, A. Naydis (Odessa, Ukraine)

* Museum of History of Odessa Jews

June 9

Visiting the world of Michael Reva
* at the workshop of the Odessa artist (by invitation only)

Opening of the Book exhibition, “Jewish Diaspora Chronicles”
— Presentation of the Migdal's publications
* Odessa Literature Museum (by invitation only)

Meeting with Leonid Gervitz (USA)
* The World Odessit Club (by invitation only)

June 11

Children and Youth concert of “Migdal” in corporation with other city performance groups and visiting guests
* TUZ theater

“Jewish Odessa” bus tour
— A. Misuik, A. Rozenboim

June 12

Screening of the film “The Wall” followed by discussion
Presentation of the film by The French Cultural Center
* Migdal Center — Malaya Arnautskaya 46a

Participants of the Festival

Odessa Jewish Cultural Center
Museum of History of Odessa Jews
Odessa Jewish Music Theater “Migdal-or”
Andreas Shmitges (Germany) — folk musician, dancer, choreographer
Odessa Russian Drama Theater
Michael Reva (Odessa) — sculptor, acclaimed artists of the Ukraine
Children's Rehabilitation Center
The World Odessit Club
Odessa Literature Museum
Theater for Young Audience
Bavarian House
The Greek Cultural Fund
The French Cultural Center
The Polish Cultural Center
The Ukrainian Cultural Center “Tarasiv Dim”
Simferopol Jewish Charitable Organization “Gmilus Hesed”
Odessa Choreography Center
Alex Rozen (Israel) — artist, director of “JOINT” in Odessa and the Southern Ukraine
Nadya Rozen (Israel) — artists
M. Poizner, A. Drozdovsky — Odessa's ethnographers, collectors
Youth Theatre enter BEF “Hesed Arie” “Debut” (Lvov)
Odessa Cultural college
Kosher restaurant Rozmarin

Supported by

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Hanadiv Charitable Foundation (UK)
Administration of Cultural and Artistic Affairs of the city of Odessa

In joined efforts with

Israeli Cultural Center of the Odessa Region and the Council of the State of Israel in Ukraine
Center of Jewish Education in the Ukraine (Kiev)

For Additional Information and Tickets

Address: 46 A Malaya Arnautskaya
Tel: +380 (48) 723-2128 or +380 (48) 777-0718

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