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Antisemitism in Odessa

All Jewish community of Odessa is now in a deep shock.

On the February, 18th someone desecrated more than 500 graves on the Jewish cemetery, memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Odessa and memorial plaque to Leon Pinsker. Red swastikas and the inscription “Congratulations with the Holocaust” was done all over these places.

The memorial plaque to famous doctor Leon Pinsker is situated right in the center part of the city. Only on February, 20th activists of the community center “Migdal” decided to clean all the dirty writing from it. Before that no one worried about it, even people from the synagogue that is one block from it. As we heard from the neighbors that have seen it all done, they called to police but it didn.t arrive.

All this information seems willed. It doesn`t feet in anything known before.

Thanks to the neighbors who helped while we were cleaning up the memorial plaque.
Good people didn't vanish yet.

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Home > News & Events > Antisemitism in Odessa
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