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Festival is coming! Welcome to the Festival!

The Migdal International center of Jewish community programs with the support of Hanadiv Charitable Foundation (UK), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Ink (USA) has the honor to invite all those who concerned for the cooperation for conducting the Jewish Community Festival "The Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora"

The Festival is holding on 4 - 13 June, 2006 in cooperation with the Israel Culture Center in Odessa at the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine (Kiev), The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine (Kiev); with the assistance of Bavarian House in Odessa (Germany), Greek Culture Foundation and French Culture Center.

The Festival is based upon the idea that the Jewish culture instantly absorbs the colorful diversity of fruits of the culture life of Diaspora Jews in many countries. To make this culture kaleidoscope widely accessible and to open its aroma to the general public it needs to be actively popularized. So, we want to produce an event that preserves the multinational roots of Jewish folk tradition as well as spiritual wealth, richness and taste of modern culture of Jews in many countries, showcases budding new talents, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

We hope you will enjoyed highlights from such a wide-ranging program as Gala-concert, press conferences, culinary fairs, book and art exhibitions, film showings, national costumes shows and fashion parades, reciting, late-night storytelling, master classes and seminars running by the hosts of Festival as well as by musicians and dancers from Israel, Germany and other countries. Besides, many other sparkling events are planned in the color-box of the Festival.

Whatever your passion you are sure to find something to tempt your Jewish cultural taste-buds in the Festival's line-up. Be it folk, dance, comedy, jazz or literature, or even drama or politics, every palate will be satisfied in this exciting series of events.

We are very interested in highly-motivated, innovative and enthusiastic persons to participate in the Festival in different ways and areas.

So, we are looking forwards any proposal of your participation in the Festival and ready to discuss any of interesting suggestions about the Festival's coming events.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
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Home > News & Events > Festival is coming! Welcome to the Festival!
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