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There were unusually crowded on November 18, at 9 a.m. in the morning in the synagogue Habad-Shomrei Shabos.
Girls in nice gowns, boys wearing tefillins, tables filled with food...

Idea of this holiday appeared this summer, when guests from New-York Dina and Jonathan Leader visited “Migdal”. At this period Migdal was holding the day camp for children of different age. Jonathan had a chat with one of boys and asked whether or not he had Bar Mitzvah. Later on while talking with administration of “Migdal” and Rabbi Avroom Volf Leaders said, that they would like to give a charity donation so that children can have Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

In “Migdal” preparations to this party went on with high inspiration. Not only children that had Bar and Bat Mitzvah were invited to the holiday but their friends also. They were supposed to prepare handmade presents, Lehaims and good mood. And those who were having Bar Mitzvah were preparing Jewish stories connected with this holiday. Party program was prepared and held by teachers of “Migdal” as well as presents for children.

But let.s return to the synagogue. Everyone arrived in time to the celebration: members of “Migdal” programs (including “Migdal-Beitenu”) and children from boarding school “Habad”. Boys were called up to Torah by turns.

Among men that were at synagogue that morning nothing special was about Leonid Dusman. When he was eleven he started his sad walk on the “Death Road” and finished it at the age of Bar Mitzvah. What feelings have filled Leonid Dusman when his grandson went up to Bima coming to Torah in his Bar Mitzvah day? Because in the meaning of Nazi.s plans neither Lenya, not his future grandson weren.t supposed to have Bar Mitzvah or any grandchildren. And also what should be said is that both grandfather and grandson had another theme for joy: the evening before in their family new born appeared! Mazl Tov!

Traditionally after boys stood up to Torah they all were thrown up with sweets: probably not only children but grown ups as well did it with joy and happiness.

And at the evening in the restaurant “Rosmarin” celebrity dinner was held. Forty children gathered in the hall together with teachers from girls and boys school “Habad” and “Migdal” children. The evening was a real celebration: colorful balloons, tables full of tasty food, guests in beautiful elegant clothes, big wallpaper with Bar and Bat Mitzvah congratulations. One of the tables was covered by handmade presents and wallpapers (the posters) made by girls from “Migdal-Beitenu” and school “Habad”. There was another table covered by something interesting but we.ll tell about it a bit later...

But main creators of joyful mood were of course musicians of musical theatre “Migdal-Or”. A very few people can say that during their parties Jewish orchestra like ours played!

After Hanukah candles were lightened Hanukkah game started. Girls. team won the first tour.

Everything on the table was tasty but everyone waited for continuation of the game with passion. The children also waited impatiently those mysterious tickets that they picked out from two hats in intervals within game. These very tickets helped to win marvelous presents from the second table!

Both girls and boys were very touched by accessories of grown up life — perfumes, clocks, umbrellas...Same popularity had nice pillows in form of cow and heart.

And the evening went on in its sometimes funny and sometimes serious way — congratulations of Rabbi, director of “Migdal”, heads of the schools, friends were interrupted by special Jewish stories delivered by already grown up children.

And then all the “celebrities” were invited on the stage and got really grown up presents: boys wee presented by Torah and girls by candlesticks and all of them got Jewish Super-dictionaries — everything needed for the beginning of the commandments on their own commandments.

When games, presents and congratulations were over, waitresses have brought pies with sparkling fireworks — last surprise of this remarkable day.
Those of children who speaks English or Hebrew have told to the videotape their impressions of a holiday, so that Jonathan and Dina Leader will get part of the feeling of this celebration.

When children were going home they took balloons and for some time they gathered in the yard laughing and discussing the evening — the childhood can.t disappear in instant. And that is very good.

Home > News & Events > THE HOLIDAY OF GROWING UP
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