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September 2005

5th Anniversary of Migdal.s Club of Jewish Students The club of Jewish Students celebrated the 5th anniversary of its activities. Born under the roof of Migdal JCC, the club has already become a strong catalyst for Jewish life of Odessa youth. Young people become involved in the club in order to reconnect with their Jewish roots, learn Jewish Tradition, history, culture and literature, as well as to solve their own problems and have a good time. The club of Jewish students helps young people find out answers to the vital question — “What does it mean to be Jewish?” A series of lectures on different topics, which the students choose themselves are regularly delivered at so called Sunday Complex of studies

Obtaining good knowledge in the Center, the students are also involved in Migdal?s work and actively participate in other JCC programs in the roles of madrichim, e.g in children?s day camps and family retreats.

The students also run their separate projects among which there is chess club, Migdal?s web-site, etc.

Participation in the City Holiday ? Day of Odessa (September 2) In addition to working on the international scale, Migdal continued strengthening its position within the general city level while taking part in the nation-wide events and such as birthday celebration of Odessa, to which representatives of all major organizations and ethnic communities from Odessa and Ukraine had come. Migdal JCC was invited to take part in the city concert and present the Jewish Community as itself, decorate the event with an expressive performing manner. Migdal dance group of toddlers ? the only group for the smallest ones in the city ? once again proved to be extraordinary and attractive on the background of the other participants. They received a storm of applause and awarding diploma for the extraordinary manner of performance.

Some Activities in Mazel Tov Different activities run for parents from Mazel Tov are constantly being developed and enhanced. In addition to traditional classes on literature, history and tradition, two more classes on cinematography and Hebrew for parents and children have been added to the Mazel Tov?s curriculum.

Day of the Open Doors in Mazel Tov and Beitenu Programs Day of the Opening Doors in both programs took place on September 4, 2005. Twenty-five kids along with their parents participated in merry contests designed specially on the occasion, sang songs and danced. The focal point of the event was the contest for the ?veteran participants? (the kids who are 5 years old) on making different collages and pictures with puzzles on how they had spent summer and missed their Mazel Tov home. And, of course, there was a birthday celebration with traditional cakes, refreshments and presents that capped off the event.

The opening day of Beitenu began with the advertising classes. Thirty children got acquainted with the Center?s activities and teachers of music and theatre studio, who examined their artistic abilities. Most of the kids turned out to be talented and that was a real discovery for them. They even built up the most grandiose plans of their participation in different contests and festivals. At the end of the party there was a festive tort baked on the occasion.

Charitable Party for Beitenu Kids A great example of fruitful collaboration between Jewish organizations in the city, in particular ?Pnina Women?s Club and Migdal ? was charitable party devoted to the beginning of the new school year and held for the children of Beitenu program on August 31.

The event gathered over 50 children ? regular Beitenu participants, their parents and grandparents, program?s coordinators, and guests. The party was very well planned and coordinated in order to render assistance to those children whose parents cannot afford buying new clothes and shoes for their kids for the upcoming school year.

The idea of holding such an event came to the mind of one of the activists of Women?s Club, who together with her family, decided to provide footwear to the needy children. The final decision of the women from the Club was to provide Beitenu girls with shoes, boys ? with shirts, and most active participants of the recently held Halom Summer Retreat ? with T-shirts.

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Home > Events > September 2005
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