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30.11.2005 18:57

June 2005

Summer Day Camp for Children Summer Day camp for children implemented by Migdal JCC embraced some 50 kids including Beitenu participants of 7-13 years old.

The day camp with a title ?Shomrey Shalom ? Savers of Peace? implied one of the most brilliant ideas: ?the best thing is peace, not war and the heroes may become not only military men but creative people as well? ? that was successfully delivered to children. The teenagers ? participants of Migdal teens? club have become madrichims? assistants for the first time in their lives contributing to the event and concurrently benefiting from a rich educators? experience.

The opening of the camp coincided with another significant event for every Jewish kid - Bar and Bat Mitzva that was organized for some five Migdal children.
Each day was filled with invigorating events.

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Home > Events > June 2005
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