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December 2004

December 9-12. Chanukah celebrations. The holiday of Chanukah in Migdal and Mazel Tov was, as always, merry, interesting and warm in spite of cold weather outside. On December 9, Mazel Tov children presented their concert program with a surprise — first night performance of the “puppet” theatre (the theatre in which mothers carry their babies, thus the last ones serving as alive dolls). The performance was staged after a popular fairy-tale, with new components. Then there was dancing by the smallest children, theatre studio performance, Day of the Birthday Person (activities for parents).

On Motsei Shabbat members of Teenagers? and Students? clubs organized a calibration for all other members of Migdal. They danced and sang songs, performed tricks, held a game on the holiday with Chanukah guild ?rain? closing the game (the rain was made of numerous chocolate medals).
The main activity on Sunday, December 12, was more serious. It was an intellectual game where the teams were of mixed ages. They received very interesting books as prizes and, of course, enjoyed the refreshments and traditional suvganioyot.

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