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October 2004

September 30 — October 2. Sukkot celebration. The rainy days that began Sukkot did not prevent some 140 participants to enjoy Kiddushim in sukka (that had been built in advance), and then to take part in various quizzes and activities revealing the meaning of the holiday.

October 14-16. Joint Shabbat on Wheels for Simferopol and Odessa communities. In the framework of OFEK festival, the Odessa and Simferopol communities implemented a joint project ? ?Shabbat on Wheels? hosted by Simferopol community. More than 200 participants were involved in the event (100 people from each community). Hillel students from Simferopol prepared their program devoted to Shabbat.

Games for all age groups, joint discussions, hikes and the focal point of the event - the concert by Migdal JCC groups ? displayed the unity of the Jewish community in the region and inspired participants for their further work.

October 22. Shabbat on Wheels. The representatives of the Jewish Family club, Jewish Student club and other members of Odessa Jewish community ? more than 50 participants ? had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Shabbat in a picturesque place of Odessa?s outskirts. The main theme of Shabbat-on-Wheels was the community structure and its development. Different training sessions dedicated to fundraising, community?s image and issues were proposed to all the participants. In the course of a group discussion accompanied by exceptional sense of humor and people?s artistic abilities, vital issues were raised and, it became obvious once again that they should be solved and coped with by altogether, in order for the community to successfully grow and develop.

News from Beitenu program. Two new computers have been purchased for Beitenu program that may enable the children to learn and use computer graphics with wider opportunities.

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Home > Events > October 2004
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