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September 2004

September 1 Opening of a new school year at Migdal. On September 1 “Migdal” JCC celebrated the opening of a new school year. The membership has considerably expanded thanks to “Migdal.s” publicity in the city and growing number of newcomers who got interested in “Migdal” advertisement on TV, local newspapers and as well as those people who had become involved in different quizzes and intellectual games run by Migdal for Odessans.
More than 100 programs have been offered for participation, among which there are some new ones for parents, Beitenu and Mazal Tov kids.

!September 2~ Beitenu center resumed its work. After summer holidays Beitenu center continued its work. So far, the number of children constitutes more than 140. The opening of a new school year in the center consisted of two parts: formal, at which the issues of welfare and educative assistance were raised, and informal during which the children had madrich time for acquaintance, watched cartoons and partook delicious refreshments.

September 12 Action against terrorism. The whole day of September 12 was devoted to the action opposing global terrorism. The idea to run the event named ~?We Are Against Terrorism?~ was connected with the tragic date of September 11, and the latest terrorist attacks. The sessions in all Migdal?s clubs and programs held by madrichim and educators were devoted to the theme. The issues of global terrorism, in particular, such themes as ?The Terrorists? Aims?, ?Terrorism in Jewish History?, not unveiled before, were raised. The youngest club made its exhibition ?Against Terrorism? that displayed horrible facts of self-destruction. The importance of each life in the Earth was stressed to the young people.

A big painting on the wall adjusting Migdal?s building titled ?No Terror? finalized the cycle of events. The idea of the painting was suggested by the teenagers from Matanot club. First, the draft of the painting was prepared by professionals on paper, then the draft was transferred to the wall, and finally all those who wished (even small participants of Mazel Tov) painted it and added their own feeling.
Migdal?s educators are sure the event left nobody to be indifferent and played a big role in the formation of the children?s and young people?s attitude to terrorism.
September 19. Beitenu kids visiting Nikolaev Zoo. Migdal JCC while working out the curriculum for children at risk program, has always been paying attention to the kids? invigorating activities. Thus, a group of Beitenu kids was taken to Nikolaev zoo ? one of the richest in Ukraine. On their en route (2 hours- one way) the children learned and sang new songs, had refreshments and were more than happy.

September 16 Celebration of Rosh-ha-Shanna. Festive celebration of Rosh-ha-Shanna was unforgettable for some 100 activists of Migdal, Mazel Tov and Beitenu. The sounds of shofar, Kiddush and festive refreshments were later, on the Sunday of September 19, followed with holiday-devoted activities in the programs of the Center. A very special one was the arts and crafts activity that involved parents of Mazel Tov: they created a big panno in the form of a bee, which their kids liked very much.

Mazal Tov moved to a new apartment. September month became prominent for all Migdal JCC bringing celebration of ?Mazal Tov?s? new home. The playing room has been considerably replenished with new toys and children?s equipment.

The group of Mazal Tov educators has grown.

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Home > Events > September 2004
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