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January 2008


As always, at the time of winter school holidays, Migdal JCC implemented Children’s Day Camps for Odessa kids. The educators did their best to organize the kids and contribute to their health state and upbringing. The playground embraced some 50 children of different ages and was entitled “All About Jewish Calendar”. The program, very well prepared, could boast of a myriad of captivating events and included different kinds of training, games and tours in addition to computer, décor, art classes and studies held in an interesting form.

Seven days were imbued with events and every day was devoted to a definite direction. Thus, the first day with its main subject “What Is a Calendar?” included tests with questions about Jewish calendar and various holidays well-known to the kids. Some of the other days were called: “Freedom?” “Lunar Calendar and Sun Calendar”, “Jewish Holidays”, “Four New Year’s Days”, “Scientific Discoveries”, etc.

Almost each day included long walks, which were beloved pass-times of the children despite frosty and snowy weather. Besides educational classes and madrich-times every single day included tours to various museums, among which were: Bleschunov’s museum (a famous Odessa collector), Paustovsky museum, museum dedicated to the great architect De Volan and others. The children also visited Shorashim Museum of History of Odessa Jews and enjoyed stories and visual exhibits of Jewish history and nowadays life.

A lot of attention was paid towards leisure and fun-activities, such as visits to the movie-theater, bowling, various games. All the kids loved movies, which taught them that whatever happened love, friendship and good would always conquer evil.

The closing day of the winter camp included presentation of self-made calendars, different well-rehearsed vocal and dance performances, and a final game, where everyone present was able to show acquired knowledge on the Jewish calendar and holidays. Certainly the final touch was put when the kids were given small souvenirs to remember this winter camp for a long time.

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Home > Events > January 2008
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