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August 2007


The annual Migdal summer family retreat took place on August 15-22 and became number 11 this year. This was a week of fun, pleasure and activities.

Certainly it was thoroughly planned beforehand by the management of Migdal and finally during the general meeting before the camp the theme of this year’s retreat was announced. It was to be “A Miracle”. Everyone was truly thrilled at such a name and actually started to wait for a real miracle. This hope was fulfilled to the fullest possible extent.

On August 15, three buses full of laughing kids and their happy parents left Odessa for the campsite “Wave” in Rybakovka. The total amount of the participants and Migdal staff was 140 people. The camp was visited by those who were there only the first time and by the so-called veterans, who try to follow the tradition every year. At the very beginning of the retreat all the participants were welcomed by the madrichim, who introduced themselves and this introduction more reminded a show than just a common dry welcome-speech.

Every day started with traditional madrich-times and afterwards everyone was driven in the gorgeous atmosphere of the blue sea, warm sun and interesting activities. There were constantly things to do - décor classes, art classes, dance classes, different sports activities, intellectual games, humorous plays and games and each detachment had to prepare a traditional evening performance for the rest of the participants. These performances turned out to be real successes. Every day the whole camp discussed “Nature miracles”, “Miracles seen and unseen”, “Miracles in Jewish history”, “Miraculous personalities”, “Miracles on a Saturday”, etc. And one night a salsa-party was held. It was started by the 4 infants present at the camp, accompanied by their mothers and later everyone joined them.

There was another miraculous activity that took place during Halom-11. And it was drawing on stones, which definitely turned out to be more difficult than doing the same on paper. This exercise not only taught the participants how to actually draw on stones, but also gave them important knowledge and experience on how to plan their work, how to be patient and diligent in their work and how to manage to make their work most perfect.

Everybody participated in Kabbalat Shabbat and afterwards sang Jewish songs and danced.
During Halom-11 absolutely everyone on site actually felt what miracle really was and the bright lights of the fireworks just proved the fact that Halom-11 lighted the sparkles of a miracle in the heart of every single participant and filled him or her with energy and light that will be shining long afterwards.

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Home > Events > August 2007
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