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January 2007

As always, at the time of winter school holidays – during January 2-9, 2007 - Migdal JCC implemented Children’s Day Camp for Odessa children. The educators did their best to organize the kids and contribute to their health state and upbringing.

The playground embraced some 35 children of 7-13 years old (those participating in the JCC and Migdal-Beitenu center programs) and was focused on 3 main areas: the youngest ones studied “Drama Art”, middle-age children’s group devoted its sessions to “Development of Logical Thinking” and chess playing, the oldest participants were involved in computer and web-design and management things.

Besides computer, décor, logics, psychology and other classes and sessions inside the JCC, the children had various visits including Odessa Zoo, computer games club, bowling, etc. On the final day of the Camp the participants demonstrated their achievements to each other, their madrichim and parents: there were drama performances, logical quizzes, demonstration of trial web-sites, dancing and singing.

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Home > Events > January 2007
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