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23.01.2008 15:14

Changeful of Destiny or “Mazl Tov’s” Excavations
Julia Maksimyuk, the Director of the “Mazl Tov” Center

How to identify nationality of a person? Perhaps, you should refer to his words. But for our organization the document is an important factor. As the saying reads “you are a small insect without the paper”. But it is really significant important: first of all not to overload mind of children and adults with useless information and besides to know whose mind should to be loaded with this information.

Our activity has always attracted all layers of population to us. All these long years we scanned documents carefully and clarified to people why they are the Jews or not the Jews.

We are keeping on scanning documents thoroughly but now we have what to offer to the rest of Odessa people, because so called “tolerant groups” appeared in our schedule.

And concerning the Jews — funny things happen to them. Many times I have dealt with such a question: “Have we got rights to attend your program?” And very often it happen that the question was asked by people, who were Jews by Galakha, as it has been found out later. Undoubtedly, they just exactly have these rights! They have only forgotten about it during the long period of soviet power and throughout several generations of assimilated forefathers.

I myself have been discovered namely in the similar way. I‘ve known about my Jewish origination but couldn’t realize finally the sense of it.

However, two Odessa’s rabbis are in debt to me for the Jewish souls which have been found out by chance in the process of the “archeological excavation” and sent directly to the Jewish kindergartens and schools.

I was inspired to write this article by somebody’s grandmother who said that she was Jew but her grandson hasn’t already been Jew though she was mother of child’s mother. If such conclusion had belonged to a young woman I would have understood but that elderly lady was Jew. She has absolutely forgotten that Jewish nationality transmits from generation to generation. She decided that if her daughter got married to non – Jew her grandson would automatically become not Jew.

Such case is typical and spread in our area. Tens families do not suspect that they are the Jews . There was the other case opposite the previous one . Two sisters ,mothers of two enchanting girls came to us. They learnt about our organization from the advertisement that I had delivered in streets having searched clients . At that period we had no so named “tolerant groups” for everybody who wished. But this family has been coming persistently for a month asking for organizing a special group for them. After having attended such group these mothers started remembering that they had relatives in Israel . When we had started working over family”s archive we found out Jewish origination of the sisters . The most interesting fact was that their grand grandmother was recorded as Jew in the 19- th century.

Persistence of mothers who wanted their children to go only to our organization helped to reconstruct Jewish family more who as we hope has remembered their origination for ever .

But it isn’t always so happily when Jewish origination has been found out . A lot of people have forgotten of it for several generations, changed their belief and didn’t feel like leaving it. But our work is to remind the Jews that they are the Jews and to involve them into community.

Once more peculiarity of my job is connected with our city. Every respectable citizen of Odessa has to have Jewish grandfather. “Tolerate” visitors of “Muzl Tow “ gradually confess to me confidentially that they have Jewish roots. They extremely deep and they are real . For example the grand grandfather of one of the mothers was a Krakow rabbi . The other mother was interested in Jewish celebrations and she remembered that her mother who lived in Germany observed the same holidays because she attended a Jewish community.

I can retell about families and their attitude to Jewish problems for a long time.
But my conclusion is “Every person is a Jew and not everybody is able to tell the truth.”

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Home > Events > Changeful of Destiny or “Mazl Tov’s” Excavations
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