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27.11.2007 19:50

The «Beitenu» program has existed for 3 years

The «Beitenu» program has existed for 3 years.
This program is designed for children from the group of risk:
1 Children- orphan – 16 children
2 Children without one of the parents- 70, without a mother – 36
3 Children which are under guardianship, their parents are deprived of parents’ rights- 10
4 Children from poor families -52
5 Children from families with asocial parents {drug-addicted, drunkards, HIV-positive}.

There are 148 children in «Beitenu» today. All of them need social assistance.

The project is being fulfilled by the center «Migdal» with participation of charitable organization. The center «Migdal» provides kosher nourishment for children. Problems of education, upbringing, forming a perfective creative person also hadn’t been put aside and drew consideration of the staff of the center.
Children get acquainted with Jewish traditions, history and culture. Teachers help them out with math, languages, history, geography and other subjects. Children also study computer science along with practice.

As well as other knowledge we give our children professional skills in computer technologies, metal craft working, joinery, electrical engineering, needlework, cooking and other crafts, adopting old ORT traditions.

Situation is getting worse in the country and children need particular care more and more. Each of them needs not only our support but others’ too.

As all other Migdal programs «Beitenu» takes care of all family members. They attend theatres, museums, go on excursions, organize Birthday parties, family camps, Shabbats, Day camps, Jewish holidays, etc. Families are offered the set of services.

The program contains 36 disabled children as well. Among them 9 children has diagnosis cerebral paralysis, 2 children with epilepsies, 1 child with schizophrenia, 4 with inborn heart disease, 2 children with autism , 1 child is after hard burn, 2 children are disable to move , 2 children have atrophy of eyes nerves, 5 children are deaf and dump, 3 children have breach of breathing.

Work with such children is conducted in following way: those children who are able to move participate in common classes together with healthy children. Among them are children with heart disease, deaf and dumb, rare attack of epilepsy. Some children can’t perceive information as quickly as healthy ones. They have individual trainings to develop sensor, musical abilities, and so on.

The project focuses on the social rehabilitation of children from target groups. Handicaps and children from target groups get opportunity to be included into social life. Our project is long-termed. We have become home for most of children where they may come at any time with their joy as well as problems. Children continue the process of education in Migdal after social rehabilitation in the ‘Beitenu’ program. Many of them now become volunteers in variety of Migdal programs. Mainly expected result of our program should be increasing number of volunteers rendering assistance and decreasing number of those who needs help.

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Home > Events > The «Beitenu» program has existed for 3 years
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