May 30, 2006 Rainbow of Jewish Diaspora Festival
The International Jewish Community Center “Migdal”

“Shlomi's Stars” an Israeli melodrama produced by Shemi Zarhi opened the Israeli Film Festival playing at the Maski Theater. Zarhi's moving picture about a young boy's life, hidden talent, complicated yet normal family, and sincere love left many in tears. Wows and Ohhs were heard through out the screening and many stayed on to enjoy the rest of the program: Love Columbian Style (producer Shai Kanot). Having already received fourteen film awards, “Shlomi's Stars” is worthy of endless praises which were voiced by yesterday's Odessa audience. If you missed the opening, don't worry you can still catch the second day of the festival on May 31 — Right Turn at the End of the Light (producer Avi Nesher).

4.06.2006 09:53 

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